Sep 19, 2011

Psychological income!

We all work for food but not just for that too. Psychological income is the most satisfying thing that can happen to anyone.

If an orderly planned time table can make our day, isn’t it a good idea to just keep doing it everyday?

If a well mannered behavior can win people, won’t it be fair enough to catch the nerve of people and behave accordingly?

If keeping up the commitments can us make attentive for others, can’t we go ahead and conquer the same?

If a timely and accurate outcome can scintillate the notion for us, would any of us mind working heartout to prove ourselves?

The question here is not about what the above traits of a person can lead him to, it is to ask ourselves if sole above traits can inspire us to breathe our best at work!

Think about it deeply, I bet you wouldn’t mind nodding to convey a ‘no’, no in the sense, ‘not just these’.

An orderly planned time table can make your day, provided you are all alone who need to work to let it done as it is supposed to be. A well mannered behavior can win people, provided their definition of good manners match with yours. Keeping up commitments often do make you attentive for others, provided the so called others are really benefited because you are so. Timely and accurate outcome can scintillate, provided you accept what you are rewarded is what it is supposed to be. All such traits are good, provided some conditions are applied, which is the case where conditions change so as people.

Involvement of many people, difference in the definitions of people, expecting to get benefited no matter what, resistance to accept what is received are the unavoidable and eventual happenings considering the people we work with and their cultures too.

Now dealing with these situations is what the cynosure is. Dealing is the ultimate lesson we all learn at the end of the day to start another day confidently. As the new day starts and the process of gaining confidence for the next day seems get prioritized, confidence we gained yesterday appears surprisingly clueless.

I’d like to present to you the lines from one of my earlier posts…my mother used to tell me this since my childhood.

Busy person is not the one who does not have time for anything; he is the one who adjusts his time for everything.

If we can be rightly busy, it would be the sole source for the mouth watering psychological income. Always, this seems play an important part defining ourselves, though its not shown out.

We all work for food and we need money to live. Working is the only way to work the things out. But the way we work is what we choice out, be it anything. Every way we choose lead to somewhere, some type of income. Do you have any objections if I have to say that the longest yet simplest, straightest yet worthiest way leads to the gallery called psychological income?

We all work for food and not just for that too. Choosing the right way of our interest being the gate way to start with, interpreting the happenings on the way in a right manner being the milestone up at every corner, all I can say and conclude is that the psychological income is the best target one can aim his arrow at.

What we think is important than what we get! What we assume is important than what it is! Professional life is where many so far appeared truths start turning themselves down to allow us inventing a new horizon, a new perspective of life.

If truth is bitter, the bitterest is what you discover here. Ironically, to every person, every discovery of him seems as if its his own invention, thanks that no patents are allowed.


Bikramjit said...

yes ji i am busy ...

and i am nodding to all you have written tooo :)


Being Pramoda... said...

haan ji..

hehe..:) thanks.