Sep 11, 2011

Remembering the September 11…

If I ever have a poor memory of the years of my life so far, it has been and will be about the days in my Intermediate (plus 2 days). I was all under so much of pressure almost all of the days that every time I try to recollect something happened then, I failed and I believe I would fail even here after.

Well, it was back in 2001, when I was in the senior inter, the 9/11 attack happened. Ten years and, I think so far so good for the Americans considering the fact that there have been absolutely no such terror strikes as yet!

As I already said, only few things I remember about it and those days.

** First I came to know about it from one of my friends, who came shouting in the study hour about something happening in the US. Honestly that was the first time I heard about the World Trade Centers that they were actually twin towers, and the Pentagon, I didn’t even know about it’s existence.

** Only small news was required by us every time to ruin the study hours for the day. That day this was it. There started the deep buzz in the class room. Our coordinator could hardly get to know anything.

** One of the girls who did study about the incident told us that Mr. Nostradamus had already predicted it. A day after, news came in the air that the third world war would be on it’s cards soon!

** Now that news caused an unexpected terror in the girls including me. One of our friends started crying sitting in the middle of the classroom saying that she desperately wanted to be with her parents when the world ends because of the world war. We were all in a fix for some days, as if the 3rd world war was already announced!

** Next week, my father visited me on a Sunday. Till date, my father always has been great in giving me all the latest news magazines. He bought one of such on the September 11th attacks. I cut the article and I kept it with me for very long time. Slowly the rumor about the world war started fading away as the pressure of the competitive exams came alive.

That’s how I along with my friend experienced it. As I started to know more about it later, it made me realize how sad it was! Not just for the Americans, it made life much tougher for all the Indians, especially Muslims out there.

Today, here, I specially want to mention about the woman who walked all the way down from 40th floor or so through steps, who was expecting her first baby by then, who ended the run all in good health of her and the baby too! Her child must be 10 years by now! Hats off to the mother in her.

Now, Obama got Osama. We all hope for the end, but you never know! Let’s hope for the best.


Yamini Meduri said... more thing that I remember with 9/11 is that...the whole of South India was in darkness as the main power station had some trouble...we got to know abt the tragedy only from the newspapers the next day..!!!

sad incident which will be alive for ages to come..!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Ohh is it? we were in hostel, so couldnt feel the power cut.. chalo ab kuch tho bhalati hogayi hostel se.. :) hehe..

yeah, sad and u r right, it lives longer..