Oct 26, 2011

Cricket, cooking, after-marriage… Day 9 @ Holiday

Cricket never leaves me alone. Amidst all the after-marriage workouts, Team India’s rocking performance with four consecutive wins over the English team which outperformed our guys a month back in their backyard, lifted all of ours spirits. Well done Team India. Well done young players. When future appears perfect, present day feels far better.

Throat infection affected me in the mid-night but by the time I woke up I was not too suffering as expected. It felt happy and proud to have fought it out throughout the night. Body over-heat was the culprit for everything. Weather in Hyderabad is completely different from that of Pune. Adjusting well amidst the marriage arrangements was not easy!

I like cooking. I love trying new items. My Pinni (Yamini’s mom) is an expert. I learnt some of my favorite dishes. I will have to try them out once I’m back in Pune. Self made food many times tastes good no matter how it actually tastes. First time ever I made Maggie of such a small quantity for my sister’s daughter. I wondered if it would be sufficient or not for her, but it did suffice. I pity my stomach. It always asks for more!

Just after marriage, girl of a home becomes lady of another. Responsibilities come creeping in but people give time to the bride, at least for some days at the start. Bride is given all attention except freedom to move here and there. New relations fill life. New people, new adjustments and all new formalities not exactly paralyze but definitely do dramatize the moments. With time everything becomes normal. Small things too do matter; unknown people too do impact. That’s when the new life begins. That’s how the hopes of the days before marriage start getting realized.

I wish the new couple a happy married life.

I admire my Babai for the way he gives his best for the work he wants to do. He wanted to curtain the windows of one of the rooms in the house. Starting from buying the curtains to fixing them up, he did with same interest and passion. That’s when I found a similarity between my dad and Babai (dad’s younger brother). My dad is equally passionate of such which he desperately wants to do. All it takes is a bit of dedication and huge concentration; being passionate the rest will be done. I think I’m with the same jeans too!

Well, days in the long holiday have been running out. I’m yet to meet my friends in Hyderabad. I will have to plan. Let me see.

No Sound Sleep… Day 8 @ Holiday

Curd rice did it’s job it seemed. I was fine the next day morning, though not fit. Stomach upset takes out more than half of your energy! Early in the morning we were still at the Mandap. It was the last phase of the marriage, sending the bride, my cousin, to her in-laws house. It was not a big ritual our side, still the feeling of leaving something but most loving thing behind kills the bride at the time she leaves. As Yamini started rolling her tears out, we were all silent and just waited to see her calming down. You have to go ahead, it does not stop!

I desperately wanted to have my breakfast but had to get ready to attend Vratam the next day morning. I took my time; I had my sleep for long time. Not even my mom waken me up next morning. I couldn’t have a sound sleep but I had my bit in the wee hours. That set the situation of my health.

Puja (Nomu) was full of stories said by the Pandit Ji. I couldn’t listen to it. I just passed the time throughout. I kept wondering, how come this Pandit Ji remembered so much! May be, he is used to was the best answer I chose to answer myself.

Mom encouraged me enough to have my lunch with the items. I was not still very fine, but then I had to take food properly to check it out if I was really ok!

Relative started leaving the house after the Puja. The arrangements for the return journey were made by all more effectively than that of the arrangements done for the arrival. All disappeared just in a flash. I realized, this is it, modern day marriage. I definitely don’t like it but no one has a choice. After all, busy lives keep dominating you. When you can’t help it better leave it.

My parents, always systematic and punctual, also booked their tickets for their return journey. Mom asked me many times to come home with her as my health was not ok, but I wanted to stay back in Hyderabad, that was my answer. That was the first time I wanted the bus my parents had to catch to be late, but it was on time and further to that it reached the destination earlier to the expected time!

I felt I was the unluckiest and the weakest that day night. I was once again down with the cold and throat infection. I can’t explain that night’s position of mine to anyone. At one point of time at the mid night I wanted to start back to my home town! I believed I was potent enough to deal it out. I just let everything go away and could have sound sleep later.

When we are obsessed with work we keep hearing the voices of people around us as if they are still there. More than a disturbed sleep it was the incomplete one.

Marriage-Day Blues… Day 7 @ Holiday

Marriage blues welcomed all of us back into action on the day of the marriage. ‘Band’ batch early in the morning cleared out everything in the ears. “Toranalu” and the decoration done for the house stand high of all.

Everyone was up with the charismatic rituals and I was down with motions! I waited so long for the day and the happenings; suddenly I had to take back seat. It was such a disappointing thing that I would not forget to have good food and take rest before any big event in future. More than the stomach upset itself the disappointment half killed me.

Marriage day is celebrated with many rituals followed. I too got to know the clear picture just on the day of the marriage.

Making up kids is the toughest task for any mother. We had almost ten kids in the house. Their mothers had to keep things straight with them for making them agree to wear the new dresses they selected for the marriage. Three of the kids wanted the same ornament; you have to understand, amidst the peak leveled gold prices how come its possible! Compromising kids is the best job that a mother can do. Kids were handled so soothingly, I learnt many things.

Receiving guests was the job I wanted to perform at the function hall. As I was down, I couldn’t make it large! I was the last person from our house to enter the function hall along with my mom. Mom stays with you, no matter what. When sick, only mom can handle it.

Its pretty clear from my cousin’s eyes, having best relatives around, childhood friends attended, long lost friends gathered all again, it feels more than awesome to get married.

Menu is the most talked of any marriage among the crowd; of course, the wedding saree always takes the air out in women chitchat. However, food items have started to dominate all. When the number of guests exceeds the estimate, it would be a mess. You know what, this was the first marriage ever in which I just took curd rice! That too with a fear back in mind of the after effects.

Photo taking will be an art at marriage. As the relatives stared to leave the function hall after the dinner, late night marriage kills the intensions to stay back late night, it was difficult for us to cover people up in the photos. I took a chance and started to roam around though my body was not in my definite control. Even I was happy with myself for the decision I had taken, to roam around and say hi to the guests, the best of all I did that day.

For the bride and the groom there was no enough time even to check the Mandap and it’s decoration. They got attacked with their own tensions. But once adjusted on the stage, they enjoyed it their best. With the kids and the relatives around, the day has become the most memorable one of their lives.

PS: Hope now you got the reason mentioned in last to last post!

Mehandi, Malls and the traffic… Day 6 @ Holiday

If marriage is all about two families, marriage extravaganza is all about relatives wandering full house. Relatives started coming in just a day before the wedding night, didn’t seem quite enough for me, but it was all as expected. Busyness kills many rituals/interests. We are quite used to accepting it now-a-days. Not good but ok.

Yamini and I received two special guests early in the morning, Yamini’s close friend and my mom. I admire my mom for the way she makes just forget that she has just arrived in. She enters straight into the household work as if she stayed there since long. It does not even appear taking someone’s work, it just appears quite normal and I love her for it especially.

‘Mehandi’ is a full day celebration in the northern India but not yet in the southern side. Hyderabad is a city known for mixed culture. A ‘Mehandi’ function was planned but the reopening of schools and colleges ruined it! We all wished ‘Telangana’ moment stayed for another 4 days, till just after the marriage. Selfish but again, ok. Anyway, function is just a cover up where as sitting together and enjoying the Mehandi moment is the morning feet we did.

Shopping malls are coming up with new and aromatic offers. 3 sarees in just Rs. 500, 3 shirts for 666 Rs are two of the oceanic creative thoughts the business minds delivered. I realized shopping shoes for kids is not an easy job too with the moms expecting every next shop to have even better ones than that of the shop they are in now.

Busy Hyderabad roads made it difficult for us to cross. Fortunately the one way traffic simplified it. As the automobiles on roads resemble the ants, people who want to cross the road are not just free enough to look straight. Night time no estimation of the upcoming traffic speed never allow anything to help people out, but somehow people manage it though there are no zebra crossings.

Our house was slowly packed up with the luggage of people. Space to sleep was to be found out hardly. A compromise never seemed as compromise when some of us restricted ourselves to the floor and a blanket. With kids, this becomes messed up, as they can be hardly watched out in night time to roam around.

Not just the bride and groom but even you, being the attendee, can never have a sound sleep the night before the wedding unless you are extremely lucky to get it so or your hormones are extremely good in helping you so.

1 gram gold and the rest… Day 5 @ holiday

Probably, the way many posts have been posted together shows the busyness a marriage brings in, or may not exactly so, reason could be something worst than that too! Read on.

Organizing a marriage calls much effort. Involvement of too many people makes things worsen sometimes. A close and small circle of friends/relatives make it better place, not just to carry on but also to enjoy every moment of organizing it. But when it comes to enjoying it, a huge circle of people will be well needed.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts gold rates have been touching the skies. No matter what the love towards it remains the same for ladies. Once again, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ is proven with the 1 gram gold ornaments creeping into the market. They almost captured the higher market share than expected. I would not mind saying, in future the market share may go further high so as the profit margin. Gold ornaments are confused with their clones. Gold do carry the value, but look wise and to serve the day people go for it without hesitating. Especially the moms of small kids go crazy for them. Earlier when it was gold out there these moms worried like anything, but now they are the cool moms with absolutely no tension as their kids wearing the ornaments just look like gold but actually not, with which kids can play anywhere, can roam around freely.

I love to shop anything except footwear. I feel like having very less options to look at! Sometimes medium heal do interest me, sometimes no heal. Sometimes full front covering sandals are liked by me, sometimes just tiny straps. I get usually bored of single sandal usage for long. I do believe it happens, with girls. First this people identify at our flat in Pune is the number of sandals we do park in front of the door, which do disguise the number of inmates, if just three or thirty! Coming back to the shopping of sandals, I loved it when I did it along with Yamini at Hyderabad. Too many models and just one brain to choose! Not an easy job, but could do it finally.

There ended the Day 5 of my holiday.

PS: The reason mentioned in earlier lines will be followed in upcoming posts.

Oct 20, 2011

Not just sarees are shopped… Day 4 @ Holiday

The beauty of any south Indian marriage undoubtedly unveils itself in the form of marriage-cloths, especially sarees for the bride. Recent days’ gold prices make people take it granted that they are untouchables unless otherwise needed with no choice. Hence cloths have taken front seat in showcasing the richness.

Gold is gold, however, for the time being love towards it is just not enough in making people go for it.

The ‘designer saree’, by their name itself, have been attracting people. No one knows who the designer is, could be the one at the end of the road or the one whose location is geographically unknown or strategically invisible. Well, anyway, they keep their look maintained, far better than each other.

The saree we select is the one ‘the most’ beautiful. Right or not, though no doubt, this confidence makes us put the full-stop to the thirsty search. By the way, not just sarees are shopped but the happiness too.

Prices of the sarees have gone surprisingly up in the recent months. Expecting discounts on marriage clothing is quite common but the indigestible fact hidden behind is the profit margin the shop-keepers comfortably hold back.

If sarees make wedding colorful relatives make home so. The never ending tasks lay back to back make the hosts experience their childhood all again, when mom asked to bring 3 items from the market and the child couldn’t just recollect the their item! Its not an easy task and this way of saying is nothing actually speaking.

Richness can not kill the generosity people have; smiles bring lot of positive emotions in to the room. I reconfirmed it yesterday after inviting few people to the wedding. They’ve got an extremely big and beautiful house I’ve ever seen, they appeared well rich, but their manners and the interest they did show in receiving us amazed me. In life, if we can be so, we have to be down to earth, no matter what! I’m done with my learning.

Time can be made, but definitely not amidst the marriage arrangements. I don’t believe in it fully, but I agree to a greater extent. You can’t help it, you just can’t unless well planned.

As I said in my previous post here are some tips for you on distributing wedding cards from this little immature mind!

** List down the people to be invited in accordance with their living area and their available timings. Take time in doing so, its worth doing.

** Plan the route properly as per the geographical locations of invitees to avoid crossing the same traffic twice.

** Always keep enough number of cards with you while distributing them. There is a high chance of running out of cards though the route to be covered is still long.

** Keep target to the time to be spent at every relative’s house and be extra conscious to follow the same. But never be over conscious; take care of the deserving people.

** Always its better to write the name of the invitee on the cards after confirming it properly. It should not happen that we search for the invitee with the name that is mistakenly written on the card.

** In case of power cut and the invitee stays in top floors with numbers more than or equal to 4, better give them a call and confirm their presence. If not available hand it over to the concerned. Understanding of people in this regards has been improved a lot.

** A phone call invite shall be good enough with the invitee staying far away. Again, this understanding is improved a lot from the invitees’ side, but some of the cultures of the hosts won’t let them do so!

** Towards the end as the number of cards come down, be choosy of the invitees who should get the card as it is.

I think I’m done here with these. Hope you find it useful.

No matter how much you plan you mess it up at times, don’t worry, its quite common. Check twice if nothing is messed up!

Oct 19, 2011

No dog bites so far… Day 3 @ Holiday

Literally I said to myself after today’s session of distributing wedding cards “Hufff…finally, I’m done for the day without suffering a single dog bite”.

Most of the houses we visited today were being protected by the dogs, some were milky white doggies where as the others were more than just dogs and nothing less than serious cops. Before enquiring for the people if they are there in the house or not we enquired a lot to know the existence of dog cop in houses. While opening a house’s main door appeared risky, people inside covered it up with their warm welcome.

I’m missing the TV serials, but never mind, there is nothing much in it except the showcase of innumerable camera angles of emotions and actors. Watching a serial twice, for that matter even once a week, suffices the purpose of knowing the story line. Well anyway, we have our favorite ‘You tube’ to ride on any moment.

We saw a new born baby. He is just a day old. Seeing his whole family excited about his birth is the scene of the day!

While we were taking turn a biker suddenly appeared in front of our vehicle with the speedometer needle of the bike he was driving touching almost 75-80 kms. Not just that, he was driving on triplet. Whatever the care parents do take of their children how much time it takes for a child to spoil his own life along with his parents, for whom he himself is their life? If any of you reading this belong to such category of drivers please do take care of yourselves. Your parents and loved ones await you at home everyday. Do as much as you can to make their wait worthy.

PS: Tomorrow will be the last day of distributing wedding cards, hopefully. I’ll let you know some tips in my next post to do the job well in case you need to do!

Oct 18, 2011

Cards Distribution, the toughest task? … Day 2 @ Holiday

I heard many times people calling the task of distributing the wedding cards as the toughest part of organizing a marriage. I never believed them and there was a reason behind it. My mom used to go to invite people. She is very lean but still is called many times seeing which I never got any point supporting what people said. Its not and never about lean or stout, such things can be done by those who has patience, cultural awareness, interest and most importantly energy.

This time round replacing my mom is what I’m being through. Mom is busy with work and I got a chance, in fact I took a chance and I hope you are getting that I’m stressing it!

It was consecutively second day we had been to many relatives’ and friends’ houses. It was in the evening. As I saw the TV at one home suddenly I got a wake up call about today’s cricket match. I saw a not-so-decent first innings score by England and thought India would be through unless they fire their own tail. Then started my match-watching program, in bits and pieces though. We and Indian players had been going around houses and stumps respectively. I don’t think either me or anyone have ever watched one cricket match in so many TVs! At most of the places we had been to, there was the TV and the cricket channel up! Who said over cricket bores? It bores just cricketers themselves and none!

One more interesting observation I’ve to share here. It was in the evening or early night we started to distribute the cares, the same time when many started to cook food for dinner. I smelled many curries, believe me, mouth-watering phrase can never explain you how it feels!

I visited my Pinni’s ma’s house, my grand mom’s. She is into her late sixties. Every time I go to their house I find one thing never changed, it’s the way she organize her house. She is just too good in it and I admire her the most for the same reason. My mom is no exception too but still looking at the age of grand mom its always a real big lesson for me and mine likes.

This is how it’s been today. Now I realize what makes it complete is this post. To many I said earlier, that when I want to write something I worry about nothing other than a good internet connection. Here is the proof post coming for all of you from me at exactly 1:29 AM.

Oct 17, 2011

Long day Straightaway… Day1@ Holiday

When day one on a vacation goes pleasingly long you get relieved from all the killer thinking you’d been putting into on how to keep your vacation productive in terms of rich moments. This is what I’d been through yesterday, the first day of my first long vacation after joining the job. Also, its on the occasion of one of my very close cousins’, Yamini, marriage.

I almost feel home here, at Hyderabad. The best part of all is that i could get a chance to meet my parents yesterday, they had com attend a marriage, or otherwise I would have been dying to see them by now.

Being the first guest to a home that’s filled with the joys of a marriage is a thrill. When my Babai (Yamini’s dad) said the same to me yesterday while I was entering the home I felt honored and loved so much. I had been waiting for these days to come since long and here I’m.

I addressed myself as a guest but I really don’t feel so here. This home and more than anything my family keeps me busy in forgetting that this is not my home! This is the same reason I chose to give my best participation ever in a marriage. As a part of it we visited many relatives housed yesterday to invite them to the marriage and distribute the wedding cards.

Some of the very precious moments I gained yesterday are below.

** Adding the term “Garu” (‘ji’ in Hindi), as a respectfulness after the name of the person to whom we give the card makes me realize, no matter how close, when it comes to the invitations the culture captures us with all hands. I felt a bit at the start but soon I swallowed.

** Smiles on the faces and the warm welcome of the relatives I saw ages before or I met first time keep me refreshed of this memory for long time from now.

** I accompanied my Pinni (Yamini’s mom) and she made me go surprise, its so little expressive word to use here, with her enthusiasm and cultural abideness in inviting the relatives despite all the physical pain she had been feeling with her body. I said to myself, that’s called inviting.

** Some homes had dogs tied outside. One of the dogs was tied with the weakest rope I’ve ever seen. The size of the dog was no small too. On seeing us it tired it’s heartout to get itself out of the rope, I wondered what if it would succeed! I didn’t try to imagine our position, may be running back our heartout with the wedding cards in one hand and the heart in other, as it appeared quite unimaginable for the situation then. For that moment I just hoped it to stay back.

** We went to invite some of our relatives whose children left them back in India and are abroad. It was the most painful moment when they said that they had been missing their children and grand children. This line reverberated in my emotional mind “Parents do remember their children though the children do or don’t”. I never get whom to point out, the children who leave everything including their parents behind and stay ling distant or the parents who first send their children abroad, inform happily everyone that their kids are in US or ‘States’, at late age start missing them very much. This story is different from family to family, better leave it open.

** A small baby, she appeared she’d just leant to walk, came to me, tried to take the pen in my hand with all the innocent smiles on her face. I tempted and gave it though I knew she might write on the wedding cards. You can’t help it when a baby’s small hands and beautiful smiles make you go corrupt.

Well, these are some of them. I’ll be keep posting my experiences, lively moments to come in days. I’m awaiting my whole family here.

In ladies' language, marriage is one occasion she never wants to miss on all the new clothing and the jewelry others bought. In gents’ language, marriage is one occasion he never wants to miss on the opportunity to contribute to make it's greatness and richness talked all across.

Looking forward for the fun and love.

PS: Hi blogger friends, I might be lacking in time to visit all your lovely blogs. I will if I can make it. Keep expressing.

Long day and long post! I hope no surprise!

Oct 13, 2011

Straightforwardness (?)…!

Not that who say it out are straightforward and who don’t are not. Every single word said out given certain thinking, patience, concern, and most importantly understanding, to it, its the straightforwardness I believe in. In contrary, though people have many reasons to call themselves as straightforward, the so called “Straightforwardness” can never cover up the bluntness behind.

To those, for whom this attitude is out of reach, none appear straightforward except themselves and those who resemble their own clone (mentally) .

Slight elaboration… Take Home #85

Life is what you make it!

Slight elaboration:

Personal life is what you make amidst the invariably demanding professional life.

Book: “Revolution 2020”

Author: Chetan Bhagat

My long awaited read is done. I pre-ordered. Thanks to Flipkart’s delivery. A day off from work is proven worthy by the Chetan Bhagat’s new release.

It appeared different from his other books, not entirely though. The narration and the generalization on girls between the lines made it the best read as always. Story line, though made around two boys and one girl, definitely got it’s social touch. A deep impact of the editorials done in the national news papers by the author could be seen right through.

A triangular love story, doesn’t matter how old the concept is, makes you unmoved. Matured love could be seen, but only towards the last couple of pages! Nevertheless, it lingers. Sacrifice by the main character in the story, though not justified by the author himself, satisfied me given a bit of thinking further into it.

All in all, it was a good read. Its not usual for me not to switch on TV on a holiday, but I almost forgot that I was sitting right in front of the most entertaining medium. Breakfast and lunch got delayed. When in interesting times hunger seems nothing which otherwise would take the top most priority in distracting us from work!

PS: Definitely “The Steve Jobs’ Way” was into the pipeline, but only till I was without this new book. Once received all my attention got shifted in a flash, you know the result.

Oct 11, 2011

Girls @ Cloths matching centre

Two girls went to shop some matching cloths.

Having seen the long search of her friend, the other girl advised “Hey, don’t worry too much about the color matching. Boys won’t differentiate the colors anyway, and only few girls can come to you and appreciate your matching sense with full heart”.

Though her friend later said that she had been searching for herself but not for others, it doesn’t seem practical most of the times!

PS: Remembering a dialogue from a Telugu movie…

“Being beautiful is not about being how others like you to be, but being how you like yourself to be”

Oct 9, 2011

Basic Right To Reject Love...

Every human being has got the basic right to reject love. The best he can be in this regard is to be the surest of his rejection.

Oct 8, 2011

Achievement or sacrifice, its all Love

Behind every great achievement there is a great sacrifice of the achiever himself or of his very own people. The happier the achievement is the satisfactorily the sacrifice is justified. At times a bunch of sacrifices brought together makes one extraordinary achievement, the real taste of which lies in the pool of sacrifices made, for the sake of love towards the achievement or achiever, love of the achiever himself or of the people who love him, respectively.

Love is everywhere, undefined, unseen, just can be given and felt.

Oct 6, 2011

Next book in pipeline – “The Steve Jobs Way”

In continuation to my previous two posts...

Never thought that I would be reading the book, “The Steve Jobs Way” after Steve Jobs taking his last breathe on the earth. Steve Jobs, the man transformed the way we think and expect the electronic products to be. Being one of the very few famous innovators in the contemporary world, he could successfully market the Apple, though it appears already bitten.

Surviving the cancer for long, all the innovative products launched by Jobs have reached the hearts of the young generation in a missile speed. Being the man who stood differentiating the Apple from it’s competitors, he has been and would be a great inspiration for today’s generation and many to come, in terms of leadership especially.

In this book “The Steve Jobs Way”, written by the former senior vice president of Apple who reported to Jobs directly, I hope to know some interesting leadership skills showed by Jobs, with his team, without whom he would not have been the same.

Books I’ve read recently… #2

Here goes the second part in continuation to the previous post.

You can’t win a fight with your boss

Author: Tom Market

May not be a perfect choice to read for the one who is yet to or about to start his professional life, but for the people who crossed some calendar years, some appraisal cycles in their corporate world, I promise an interesting read, as the real incidents you faced in your work life unveil themselves as you turn through the pages of this read just short of one hundred and fifty pages. One thing I couldn’t find in this book is if I can say ‘Boss’ boss is of more interest’!

The former CEO being the author of the book, the normalcy of a relatively younger employee just does not appear in most chapters of this book. The book makes us feel as if it is all written from a boss’ point of view, yet as long as the saying ‘boss is always right’ holds good, nothing bores and in return it awakens.

You may like to use this book as a reference to manage your professional life. You, especially if you are a man, may find the chapter on how to behave with the boss’ spouse more useful. All in all, it will be a good stress buster, as you will understand what’s happening with your daily professional life is just nothing different from any others’.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

Author: John Gray

Had you anytime wondered on surviving the opposite sex, this is the best book I can ask you to refer to. I’m yet to read more books on this topic but somehow I find this book more useful on dealing the opposite sex. Of course, being a girl, the chapters on the women did interest me, but how can I hide the fact that the most interesting chapters were on the mentalities of the opposite sex! How do men and women behave in a given situation, for a given pain, is what the loveliest part of all.

My cousin Yamini explained me about this book. Before starting the book I wondered if how many time I would be required to refer to the dictionary! If it’s a novel, vocabulary doesn’t hurt or impact much. But since this book being the one on behaviour, the most important to understand, I worried. But the language is superbly simple.

You may find this book answering many of your asked/unasked queries so far. You may like to read the parts of this book explaining the women’s wave shaped behavior and the men’s rubber band’s like. Some of the perspectives from this book have already been proven useful to me. If you find yourself sleepy while reading it, you are on right track.

Books I’ve read recently… #1

Finally, today is the day I’ve chosen to do this post on the books I’ve read recently. Or may not, I’m in writing mood today, hence the day and time for this post has come!

I’ve learnt recently, to get acquainted with any topic on the earth one must read a minimum of three books on that topic. I believe it works.

I thought of sharing with you my experiences with the books I read during last month. Hope you may find it useful.

Love will follow

Author: Shaifali Sandhya

This book researches out the way the Indian marriages have been changed over the last decade, the reasons for the major set backs in the urban marriages, the long lasting rural Indian formalities that make the marriage felt far different from what a new bride expects it to be. The author says, over the last decade Indian marriages have seen a sure shift not seen in the period of over four centuries earlier to that. I agree. The attitudes have been changed along with the life styles.

You may read the book if you have any desire to understand why the Indian marriages are burning out. You may like to understand the statistical comparison between the US marriages and the Indian. Every chapter of the book has been explained with the real life stories of the contemporary Indian society.

More importantly, you may read this book if you want to learn that the disputes of every family in India are nothing different from that of any other family of this country. You will get the awareness, in case you have to face any of such situations in your married life, that you are not the only one faces it.

Life is what you make it

Author: Preety Shenoy

Its a fiction work based on some real incidents as it is mentioned in it. Earlier chapters of the book make the reader aware of the young and confident girl in deep desire to get succeeded. Then starts the obvious angle, the love. Pretty good balance between the love life and career reflects in the girl’s character. But she learns that love should not be denied with unexpected news she gets to hear about the man, by whom she is loved his best.

Ups and down of her emotions, imbalances of her mental and physical energies have been narrated so naturally that you keep yourself strengthen enough to complete the book in one sitting. Bipolar disorder, very rarely known disease, has been explained so nearly and dearly.

You may like to read the book if you love to understand why and how the human brain succumbs to the emotional distress at times. Doesn’t matter how much a person is being loved, decisions to end his/her own life come from the air, no one can reason it out. You may read the book and be aware of such. It could be useful anytime, you never know.

Oct 5, 2011

News of the day…

It’s been a great day today with a chilling atmosphere at office and home. In spite of all the incredible dealings around us, news remains news and lingers. One of such made me start my day excited.

As the London Olympics’12 are being approached the OGQ (Olympic Gold Quest) in India is in full flow. I’ll like to convey my best wishes to all the Indian players who must have been practicing their heartout.

Coming back to the news of the day, there has been an announcement on the teaming up of the Swiss tennis stars, Roger Fededer and the former women number one Martina Hingis, once again, all for the mixed doubles event of the Olympics. Of course I always support Nadal to Federer, when it comes to an event in which one of the best players ever lived, Federer, teams up with one of my all time favorites in the Women’s tennis, Hingis, I have no second thoughts before conveying my total support to these two.

Looking forward for watching these two playing together and winning some great moments to their country and fans.

Oct 4, 2011

We do cry and laugh again and again, on same thing!

May not be as it is!

I think I’ve something to add to the above.

Its true and not too that we can not laugh at same joke again and again. At the same time its true and not too that we keep crying over same thing again and again.

We may not laugh over the same joke again and again but when the same joke is recollected after sometime, we often laugh almost matching to the extent we had it first time or we may laugh further more than anytime!

We may cry at same thing again and again when it is recollected after an interval, but we do not cry about it continuously. Although, we cry at same thing, we do not cry with the same intensity with which we had cried for the first time, or we may cry further more than anytime!

It all depends on how much we do want the fun to happen and the misery not to, again and again!

The bottom line is we do cry and laugh again and again, on same thing, of course with a change in the intensity of the emotions.

Source of Rumors… Take Home #84

Often, the sources for the rumors are none but the people who pose right questions to the wrong people. We better understand, contacting the right people saves not just the truth but the time and energy too, of not just ours but of many around too.

Oct 3, 2011

Argument… Take Home #83

Argument starts when one does not have understanding on the intention of the other, which, either is not communicated at all or is not communicated in a way it should have been. Its worth auguring if the intention is not acceptable between two people. But it isn’t when the intentions are not clear between them. Put efforts and take care in communicating each other’s intentions, argument will take care of itself.