Oct 26, 2011

1 gram gold and the rest… Day 5 @ holiday

Probably, the way many posts have been posted together shows the busyness a marriage brings in, or may not exactly so, reason could be something worst than that too! Read on.

Organizing a marriage calls much effort. Involvement of too many people makes things worsen sometimes. A close and small circle of friends/relatives make it better place, not just to carry on but also to enjoy every moment of organizing it. But when it comes to enjoying it, a huge circle of people will be well needed.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts gold rates have been touching the skies. No matter what the love towards it remains the same for ladies. Once again, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ is proven with the 1 gram gold ornaments creeping into the market. They almost captured the higher market share than expected. I would not mind saying, in future the market share may go further high so as the profit margin. Gold ornaments are confused with their clones. Gold do carry the value, but look wise and to serve the day people go for it without hesitating. Especially the moms of small kids go crazy for them. Earlier when it was gold out there these moms worried like anything, but now they are the cool moms with absolutely no tension as their kids wearing the ornaments just look like gold but actually not, with which kids can play anywhere, can roam around freely.

I love to shop anything except footwear. I feel like having very less options to look at! Sometimes medium heal do interest me, sometimes no heal. Sometimes full front covering sandals are liked by me, sometimes just tiny straps. I get usually bored of single sandal usage for long. I do believe it happens, with girls. First this people identify at our flat in Pune is the number of sandals we do park in front of the door, which do disguise the number of inmates, if just three or thirty! Coming back to the shopping of sandals, I loved it when I did it along with Yamini at Hyderabad. Too many models and just one brain to choose! Not an easy job, but could do it finally.

There ended the Day 5 of my holiday.

PS: The reason mentioned in earlier lines will be followed in upcoming posts.