Oct 6, 2011

Books I’ve read recently… #1

Finally, today is the day I’ve chosen to do this post on the books I’ve read recently. Or may not, I’m in writing mood today, hence the day and time for this post has come!

I’ve learnt recently, to get acquainted with any topic on the earth one must read a minimum of three books on that topic. I believe it works.

I thought of sharing with you my experiences with the books I read during last month. Hope you may find it useful.

Love will follow

Author: Shaifali Sandhya

This book researches out the way the Indian marriages have been changed over the last decade, the reasons for the major set backs in the urban marriages, the long lasting rural Indian formalities that make the marriage felt far different from what a new bride expects it to be. The author says, over the last decade Indian marriages have seen a sure shift not seen in the period of over four centuries earlier to that. I agree. The attitudes have been changed along with the life styles.

You may read the book if you have any desire to understand why the Indian marriages are burning out. You may like to understand the statistical comparison between the US marriages and the Indian. Every chapter of the book has been explained with the real life stories of the contemporary Indian society.

More importantly, you may read this book if you want to learn that the disputes of every family in India are nothing different from that of any other family of this country. You will get the awareness, in case you have to face any of such situations in your married life, that you are not the only one faces it.

Life is what you make it

Author: Preety Shenoy

Its a fiction work based on some real incidents as it is mentioned in it. Earlier chapters of the book make the reader aware of the young and confident girl in deep desire to get succeeded. Then starts the obvious angle, the love. Pretty good balance between the love life and career reflects in the girl’s character. But she learns that love should not be denied with unexpected news she gets to hear about the man, by whom she is loved his best.

Ups and down of her emotions, imbalances of her mental and physical energies have been narrated so naturally that you keep yourself strengthen enough to complete the book in one sitting. Bipolar disorder, very rarely known disease, has been explained so nearly and dearly.

You may like to read the book if you love to understand why and how the human brain succumbs to the emotional distress at times. Doesn’t matter how much a person is being loved, decisions to end his/her own life come from the air, no one can reason it out. You may read the book and be aware of such. It could be useful anytime, you never know.