Oct 6, 2011

Books I’ve read recently… #2

Here goes the second part in continuation to the previous post.

You can’t win a fight with your boss

Author: Tom Market

May not be a perfect choice to read for the one who is yet to or about to start his professional life, but for the people who crossed some calendar years, some appraisal cycles in their corporate world, I promise an interesting read, as the real incidents you faced in your work life unveil themselves as you turn through the pages of this read just short of one hundred and fifty pages. One thing I couldn’t find in this book is if I can say ‘Boss’ boss is of more interest’!

The former CEO being the author of the book, the normalcy of a relatively younger employee just does not appear in most chapters of this book. The book makes us feel as if it is all written from a boss’ point of view, yet as long as the saying ‘boss is always right’ holds good, nothing bores and in return it awakens.

You may like to use this book as a reference to manage your professional life. You, especially if you are a man, may find the chapter on how to behave with the boss’ spouse more useful. All in all, it will be a good stress buster, as you will understand what’s happening with your daily professional life is just nothing different from any others’.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

Author: John Gray

Had you anytime wondered on surviving the opposite sex, this is the best book I can ask you to refer to. I’m yet to read more books on this topic but somehow I find this book more useful on dealing the opposite sex. Of course, being a girl, the chapters on the women did interest me, but how can I hide the fact that the most interesting chapters were on the mentalities of the opposite sex! How do men and women behave in a given situation, for a given pain, is what the loveliest part of all.

My cousin Yamini explained me about this book. Before starting the book I wondered if how many time I would be required to refer to the dictionary! If it’s a novel, vocabulary doesn’t hurt or impact much. But since this book being the one on behaviour, the most important to understand, I worried. But the language is superbly simple.

You may find this book answering many of your asked/unasked queries so far. You may like to read the parts of this book explaining the women’s wave shaped behavior and the men’s rubber band’s like. Some of the perspectives from this book have already been proven useful to me. If you find yourself sleepy while reading it, you are on right track.