Oct 18, 2011

Cards Distribution, the toughest task? … Day 2 @ Holiday

I heard many times people calling the task of distributing the wedding cards as the toughest part of organizing a marriage. I never believed them and there was a reason behind it. My mom used to go to invite people. She is very lean but still is called many times seeing which I never got any point supporting what people said. Its not and never about lean or stout, such things can be done by those who has patience, cultural awareness, interest and most importantly energy.

This time round replacing my mom is what I’m being through. Mom is busy with work and I got a chance, in fact I took a chance and I hope you are getting that I’m stressing it!

It was consecutively second day we had been to many relatives’ and friends’ houses. It was in the evening. As I saw the TV at one home suddenly I got a wake up call about today’s cricket match. I saw a not-so-decent first innings score by England and thought India would be through unless they fire their own tail. Then started my match-watching program, in bits and pieces though. We and Indian players had been going around houses and stumps respectively. I don’t think either me or anyone have ever watched one cricket match in so many TVs! At most of the places we had been to, there was the TV and the cricket channel up! Who said over cricket bores? It bores just cricketers themselves and none!

One more interesting observation I’ve to share here. It was in the evening or early night we started to distribute the cares, the same time when many started to cook food for dinner. I smelled many curries, believe me, mouth-watering phrase can never explain you how it feels!

I visited my Pinni’s ma’s house, my grand mom’s. She is into her late sixties. Every time I go to their house I find one thing never changed, it’s the way she organize her house. She is just too good in it and I admire her the most for the same reason. My mom is no exception too but still looking at the age of grand mom its always a real big lesson for me and mine likes.

This is how it’s been today. Now I realize what makes it complete is this post. To many I said earlier, that when I want to write something I worry about nothing other than a good internet connection. Here is the proof post coming for all of you from me at exactly 1:29 AM.


Arv said...

Have fun :)

Bikramjit said...

oh yes .. u know I somehow love the idea of distributing the cards becasue
1. Dad gave me the Car
2. Money to spend...

and driving meeting so many people and they all giving food and sweets :)

so WOW... i can do it again anytime ..


☆ Rià ღ said...

Aah trust me its a tiresome job..i have seen my parents go thru the pain when i got married this yr.

PeeVee™ said...

And you're 90% dead by the time you get back :D

Being Pramoda... said...

Thanks Arv..

Being Pramoda... said...

That's good reasons to enjoy Bikramjit.. i understand..":)

Being Pramoda... said...

Yeah Ria.. that's understandable.. at least after seeing all the marriage mania last month i understand it better..

Being Pramoda... said...

Peevee.. yeah..;)