Oct 17, 2011

Long day Straightaway… Day1@ Holiday

When day one on a vacation goes pleasingly long you get relieved from all the killer thinking you’d been putting into on how to keep your vacation productive in terms of rich moments. This is what I’d been through yesterday, the first day of my first long vacation after joining the job. Also, its on the occasion of one of my very close cousins’, Yamini, marriage.

I almost feel home here, at Hyderabad. The best part of all is that i could get a chance to meet my parents yesterday, they had com attend a marriage, or otherwise I would have been dying to see them by now.

Being the first guest to a home that’s filled with the joys of a marriage is a thrill. When my Babai (Yamini’s dad) said the same to me yesterday while I was entering the home I felt honored and loved so much. I had been waiting for these days to come since long and here I’m.

I addressed myself as a guest but I really don’t feel so here. This home and more than anything my family keeps me busy in forgetting that this is not my home! This is the same reason I chose to give my best participation ever in a marriage. As a part of it we visited many relatives housed yesterday to invite them to the marriage and distribute the wedding cards.

Some of the very precious moments I gained yesterday are below.

** Adding the term “Garu” (‘ji’ in Hindi), as a respectfulness after the name of the person to whom we give the card makes me realize, no matter how close, when it comes to the invitations the culture captures us with all hands. I felt a bit at the start but soon I swallowed.

** Smiles on the faces and the warm welcome of the relatives I saw ages before or I met first time keep me refreshed of this memory for long time from now.

** I accompanied my Pinni (Yamini’s mom) and she made me go surprise, its so little expressive word to use here, with her enthusiasm and cultural abideness in inviting the relatives despite all the physical pain she had been feeling with her body. I said to myself, that’s called inviting.

** Some homes had dogs tied outside. One of the dogs was tied with the weakest rope I’ve ever seen. The size of the dog was no small too. On seeing us it tired it’s heartout to get itself out of the rope, I wondered what if it would succeed! I didn’t try to imagine our position, may be running back our heartout with the wedding cards in one hand and the heart in other, as it appeared quite unimaginable for the situation then. For that moment I just hoped it to stay back.

** We went to invite some of our relatives whose children left them back in India and are abroad. It was the most painful moment when they said that they had been missing their children and grand children. This line reverberated in my emotional mind “Parents do remember their children though the children do or don’t”. I never get whom to point out, the children who leave everything including their parents behind and stay ling distant or the parents who first send their children abroad, inform happily everyone that their kids are in US or ‘States’, at late age start missing them very much. This story is different from family to family, better leave it open.

** A small baby, she appeared she’d just leant to walk, came to me, tried to take the pen in my hand with all the innocent smiles on her face. I tempted and gave it though I knew she might write on the wedding cards. You can’t help it when a baby’s small hands and beautiful smiles make you go corrupt.

Well, these are some of them. I’ll be keep posting my experiences, lively moments to come in days. I’m awaiting my whole family here.

In ladies' language, marriage is one occasion she never wants to miss on all the new clothing and the jewelry others bought. In gents’ language, marriage is one occasion he never wants to miss on the opportunity to contribute to make it's greatness and richness talked all across.

Looking forward for the fun and love.

PS: Hi blogger friends, I might be lacking in time to visit all your lovely blogs. I will if I can make it. Keep expressing.

Long day and long post! I hope no surprise!


kaykuala said...

Preparation for marriages, meaning organizing them can be very testing in terms of time, patience and money. The parents often get on each other's nerves trying to give their best but with all the constraints. A lot had already been done when the time comes for the distribution of cards. It is at the tail end of planning. Need to be done then are the physicals and implementation. Enjoy yourself and best wishes!


Bikramjit said...

All the best and have all the fun ..

I rememebr my dad made us say JI to everyone , no matter what .. it is respectful to say JI ..


KParthasarathi said...

Have great fun and enjoy the occasion.Hearty Congratulations to Yamini and best wishes to her for a long and happy married life.
Looking forward to more posts

PeeVee said...

My best wishes to Yamini and her beau, a very happy married life to them:)

And it's a wonderful feeling when somebody close to you gets married na; it's like you're responsible for everything to go forward smoothly but you love that and you'd do anything to make sure everything's perfect for the loved one's special day:)

TheBluntBlogger said...

Its good to read long personal posts, am glad you are enjoying yourself..take your time off and come back with lot more stories :)


Pria said...

good wishes to your cousin.. family functions are always fun! have good time!

Arv said...

Best wishes to Yamini :)

Enjoy these wonderful moments :)

Being Pramoda... said...

@ Kaykula.. well said..

@The parents often get on each other's nerves trying to give their best but with all the constraints.

Well said..;) and its tough for them..

Being Pramoda... said...

Nice Bikramjit..

Being Pramoda... said...

Thanks Partha uncle.. conveyed the wishes..

Being Pramoda... said...

@ Peevee

Yeah, its nice and responsible when someone close to us get married..

thanks ya..

Being Pramoda... said...

HI CHintan, thanks so much ya..:) enjoyed it to the fullest..

Being Pramoda... said...

Thanks Pria..

Being Pramoda... said...

Thanks Arv..