Oct 26, 2011

No Sound Sleep… Day 8 @ Holiday

Curd rice did it’s job it seemed. I was fine the next day morning, though not fit. Stomach upset takes out more than half of your energy! Early in the morning we were still at the Mandap. It was the last phase of the marriage, sending the bride, my cousin, to her in-laws house. It was not a big ritual our side, still the feeling of leaving something but most loving thing behind kills the bride at the time she leaves. As Yamini started rolling her tears out, we were all silent and just waited to see her calming down. You have to go ahead, it does not stop!

I desperately wanted to have my breakfast but had to get ready to attend Vratam the next day morning. I took my time; I had my sleep for long time. Not even my mom waken me up next morning. I couldn’t have a sound sleep but I had my bit in the wee hours. That set the situation of my health.

Puja (Nomu) was full of stories said by the Pandit Ji. I couldn’t listen to it. I just passed the time throughout. I kept wondering, how come this Pandit Ji remembered so much! May be, he is used to was the best answer I chose to answer myself.

Mom encouraged me enough to have my lunch with the items. I was not still very fine, but then I had to take food properly to check it out if I was really ok!

Relative started leaving the house after the Puja. The arrangements for the return journey were made by all more effectively than that of the arrangements done for the arrival. All disappeared just in a flash. I realized, this is it, modern day marriage. I definitely don’t like it but no one has a choice. After all, busy lives keep dominating you. When you can’t help it better leave it.

My parents, always systematic and punctual, also booked their tickets for their return journey. Mom asked me many times to come home with her as my health was not ok, but I wanted to stay back in Hyderabad, that was my answer. That was the first time I wanted the bus my parents had to catch to be late, but it was on time and further to that it reached the destination earlier to the expected time!

I felt I was the unluckiest and the weakest that day night. I was once again down with the cold and throat infection. I can’t explain that night’s position of mine to anyone. At one point of time at the mid night I wanted to start back to my home town! I believed I was potent enough to deal it out. I just let everything go away and could have sound sleep later.

When we are obsessed with work we keep hearing the voices of people around us as if they are still there. More than a disturbed sleep it was the incomplete one.


Anya said...

Happy Diwali for you and your family

Being Pramoda... said...

Thanks Anya...:)