Oct 20, 2011

Not just sarees are shopped… Day 4 @ Holiday

The beauty of any south Indian marriage undoubtedly unveils itself in the form of marriage-cloths, especially sarees for the bride. Recent days’ gold prices make people take it granted that they are untouchables unless otherwise needed with no choice. Hence cloths have taken front seat in showcasing the richness.

Gold is gold, however, for the time being love towards it is just not enough in making people go for it.

The ‘designer saree’, by their name itself, have been attracting people. No one knows who the designer is, could be the one at the end of the road or the one whose location is geographically unknown or strategically invisible. Well, anyway, they keep their look maintained, far better than each other.

The saree we select is the one ‘the most’ beautiful. Right or not, though no doubt, this confidence makes us put the full-stop to the thirsty search. By the way, not just sarees are shopped but the happiness too.

Prices of the sarees have gone surprisingly up in the recent months. Expecting discounts on marriage clothing is quite common but the indigestible fact hidden behind is the profit margin the shop-keepers comfortably hold back.

If sarees make wedding colorful relatives make home so. The never ending tasks lay back to back make the hosts experience their childhood all again, when mom asked to bring 3 items from the market and the child couldn’t just recollect the their item! Its not an easy task and this way of saying is nothing actually speaking.

Richness can not kill the generosity people have; smiles bring lot of positive emotions in to the room. I reconfirmed it yesterday after inviting few people to the wedding. They’ve got an extremely big and beautiful house I’ve ever seen, they appeared well rich, but their manners and the interest they did show in receiving us amazed me. In life, if we can be so, we have to be down to earth, no matter what! I’m done with my learning.

Time can be made, but definitely not amidst the marriage arrangements. I don’t believe in it fully, but I agree to a greater extent. You can’t help it, you just can’t unless well planned.

As I said in my previous post here are some tips for you on distributing wedding cards from this little immature mind!

** List down the people to be invited in accordance with their living area and their available timings. Take time in doing so, its worth doing.

** Plan the route properly as per the geographical locations of invitees to avoid crossing the same traffic twice.

** Always keep enough number of cards with you while distributing them. There is a high chance of running out of cards though the route to be covered is still long.

** Keep target to the time to be spent at every relative’s house and be extra conscious to follow the same. But never be over conscious; take care of the deserving people.

** Always its better to write the name of the invitee on the cards after confirming it properly. It should not happen that we search for the invitee with the name that is mistakenly written on the card.

** In case of power cut and the invitee stays in top floors with numbers more than or equal to 4, better give them a call and confirm their presence. If not available hand it over to the concerned. Understanding of people in this regards has been improved a lot.

** A phone call invite shall be good enough with the invitee staying far away. Again, this understanding is improved a lot from the invitees’ side, but some of the cultures of the hosts won’t let them do so!

** Towards the end as the number of cards come down, be choosy of the invitees who should get the card as it is.

I think I’m done here with these. Hope you find it useful.

No matter how much you plan you mess it up at times, don’t worry, its quite common. Check twice if nothing is messed up!


Ed Pilolla said...

you are an expert. too funny:)
and avoid dog bites:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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PeeVee™ said...

Sarees - it's a recent love and I still am finding my way around it but I agree, very very beautiful and important on any occasion - marriages especially:)

Mads... said...

heyy prams..nice to read this yr..you r gr8 at wrds..nice info 1 can get over here..:)

Sunakshi said...

hehehe Nice post :)

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Thanks Ed..

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PeeVee. so nice.. well said..;) I love saree..

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