Nov 28, 2011

All is within you…

If you are with the feeling that someone can make you stronger or weaker, remember the below.

Its equally easy to make strong stronger and weak weaker. All is within you. If you want to help people who would like to make you stronger be strong first of all; and if you don’t want to make it easy for those who plan to make you weaker never be weak from within.

Very few can do this…Take Home #91

Taking time before taking decisions is much excusable than changing decisions in last hour. At the same time, taking some decision on time and moving ahead is the most appreciable than waiting along without taking any.

The most challenging is to take right time to deliver the decisions on time. I’m very sure, very few can do this.

Nov 25, 2011

Loving someone and being lovingly with someone…

Loving someone and being lovingly with someone are two different things, different feelings. Don’t infer the same from these two. You can love very few, parents, boy friend/girl friend, best friend etc. But at the same time you can be lovingly with many including those whom you admire, whom you take as an inspiration, with whom your time passes nicely/friendly etc.

One point here, ironically, when the people you love commit some mistake you may at times take it seriously and wrap them up; and when the people with whom you be lovingly commit the similar mistake you give helping hand in rising them up from the deep displeasure. On the contrary, in case of some other mistakes, you can easily forgive the ones whom you love, but can not simply go ahead easily with those whom you otherwise are lovingly.

Mistake or misunderstanding, whatever, it makes us think differently for person to person, incident to incident. Nothing wrong with such! Never mind if you can settle it up with your best friend for a mistake/misunderstanding and can not do the same easily with your boy friend/girl friend for similar mistake/misunderstanding. These two persons are two different entities with two different expectations from you. All that matters most of the times is the commodity called expectations. They can not be sacrificed, in fact they be there no matter what. They just frame up themselves deep within.

I suggest, you try to unravel such cases by digging deeply inside your own expectations and how they have been framed up. Most importantly, understand if you have ever communicated your expectations to your friend/partner. If you haven’t, share the mistake. If you have, try to solve it out and talk it out with a positive outlook and a hope to resolve. Never go after the culprit rudely as in case of most of the disputes there’s the involvement of two people.

Don’t confuse yourselves by asking the questions such as, “Why I can not take it easy with my partner as I can do it with my friend?” or “vice versa”. At times it ultimately leads to the grand question, “Do I love him/her really? Is this all love?”

No, never enter that mode. If it has happened with you, or happening with you or would happen with you, please be informed that its one of the quite common happenings across the earth. Don’t ruin your relationships with confusion of thoughts.

Relationships shall be made or broken with clear understanding but not without it.

PS: I’ve seen many couples/friends who are worried with such incidents/feelings between them. I hope you may find this helpful when you have to face it.

Nov 24, 2011

Sachin and century centuries…

It seems two crazy moments have been the most awaited these days, Aishwarya’s delivery and Sachin’s hundredth century. By saying this I’m not ignoring any other most important news. Please don’t get me wrong. News is no longer just the news when it comes to Bollywood or Cricket! So addicted all Indians are made, by you know who. News coverage that has been done on these two topics will surely make the Olympics news coverage feel shy!

Well, the first moment is all done with the entry of the Beti B. Now it’s the turn of the little master. There is a slight confusion, if it’s the turn of Sachin to create the news on 100th century or it’s the turn of media and fans to ruin him by putting all the pressure of expectations. It was said that he was under pressure like never before while making his 50th ton in tests. Now again it is being said that he is again under tremendous pressure like never before for the next century to complete a century of such to become the only man on earth to do so in the world cricket. Whatever, Sachin is used to all such. He has always proved himself, pressure did matter but not to an extent to make him lose it!

I too wish this man to achieve the feet soon. My heart says he will make it in the series with Australia in Australia! Let’s see. Just in case, he does accomplish it here in India at Wankhade, Indians will have something more to celebrate!

Nov 21, 2011

Love happens everyday …

Love happens everyday

In a new way, to make you

More realized of your

Partner, of his personality;

Eventually, you admire him.

Love strengthens everyday

Both the involved, in

Being steadily determined,

Being ecstatically supportive,

Day by day, for each other.

Love, the feeling, is amazing!

Love wins the day for you

Only when you put your part

Of efforts in making it so;

Love is lovable no matter what.

Nov 18, 2011

My First ever ‘blogger’ shock

What if someday I wake up to my laptop screen showing “Being Pramoda, blog not found/ deleted”? Many times I got this thought for which I could never get one answer.

Finally, today I witnessed it appearing on my lapi screen, in the evening though. I didn’t not panic; I was just collapsed for a few seconds. For the first time I hated my Tata Photon+ for not being even faster while the blogger dash board was getting reloaded. After a fearful wait I got to know that my blog was safe!

Actually, it seems there has been a google security check. As I saw the “blogger not found” page in Mozilla, immediately I tried to open it in the Internet Explorer. That’s when I was asked to enter my mobile number. Soon I entered the number a message popped up in my mobile as security code. I was asked to enter the code after which my original blogger dashboard appeared to my relief with all of my blogs. Great relief!

All in all it’s the first shock from blogger, in fact from google. Shockingly shocking;

Well, I just thought I would share this incident with you. In case you are asked to enter your mobile number, enter the right number to get the security code. Don’t panic.

Happy blogging!

Nov 17, 2011

Baby B, KBC… Bachchans have bagged it!

The so called royal family of the Bollywood has been under major media coverage right since their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, has been announced pregnant. Answering all those who claimed that the young Bachchan couple had undergone a treatment to welcome a baby boy, a baby girl has arrived in, bringing all emotions of her father, the otherwise not so expressive, Abhishek Bachchan. No, I’m not saying that those claimed it were wrong or the couple didn’t undergo the treatment. Just that these days, being one among the crowd, you can not say it with enough confidence!

Heartiest congratulations to the couple! Welcome New B. I along with many Indians seriously hope that she hasn’t gone with her father! What Abhishek Bachchan said interested me. “Girl is more close to her father; hence I wanted it to be a baby girl”. May or may not be, but I wish him all the closeness with his today’s little angel.

India is India, even for the media coverage of the innumerable numerologists popping in and saying what the girl child would be, what her lucky number would be! Number could normally mean anything but the numerology, to the believers, only indicates all (good) going to happen, number being the biggest proof as the stars sprinkle. Someone said in the morning news, the baby B would be a creative person! How creative he/she who said it must have been! Come on, creativity lies in every person in either of the corners of his thinking. It comes out as required and more importantly as recognized. Media coverage to this would lead to another betting game, where the one which is already on cards is still not packed up!

As I anyway have mentioned about the Bachchans I would like to go on and share my opinion on the KBC show. As the show named, become a millionaire over the night, doesn’t matter if every show adds few C’s to the already full pocket of the Anchor, the Bachchan Senior!

KBC, the way of life, is the funniest caption I’ve seen in the recent times! Let me know if you have seen something more.

Good that the show ends this week. Proving the starting right the show has also ended on emotional melodrama. Earlier episodes of the show did serve the purpose of giving money to the selected participants and loads of emotional hi-drama to the audience. Well, I admire the Amitabh’s anchoring, except the mandated emotions he has to show at times. As I write this I’m watching a participant utilizing a life line “phone a friend”. No surprise, I’ve seen very few giving answers through this life line and counting the right answers out of them would not take many fingers.

I feel, the KBC team must have been brought under pressure by the all other reality shows which have been cashing upon the emotions of the participants and not to forget, their parents, than that of the talent which they quote that they look for. Anyway, recent episodes of KBC have been appearing relatively good. The ultimate is the one featuring the person, Mr. Susheel Kumar, winning the show’s maximum price money. With the cut of 40 % entertainment tax I hope it still satisfies the winner. Congratulations to the winners!

One last thing, I hope I have many with me to say that they too haven’t understood the Audience Jackpot question if its live or how!

It looks as if the Bachchans have bagged the past few weeks! However, no one can bet that it can’t get better than this. As long as the celebrities survive through the wide hearts of their fans, you never know!

Nov 16, 2011

Just a thought… Take Home #90

Player or actor is not he who knows how to play or to act but he who plays or acts. And by the way, never expect a player to entertain and an actor to play!

Modern Age Childhood!

This post is a special dedication to the children, on children’s’ day. First of all, belated children’s day wishes to all the concerned.

** For Non Indian readers: 14th November is celebrated as children’s day in India. It’s the birth date of the Independent India’s first Prime Minister, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru. He liked children very much and this day is a remembrance of his love towards them **

I happened to go by a school during its closure at the end of the day. The road in front of the school was jam packed with vehicles. Some of them were school busses and most of the rest were the cars/bikes of the parents who had been waiting to pick their children from school.

An interesting observation went through my mind while I was witnessing the whole scene being one among the souls out there.

Apart from some students who were probably at an age of around fourteen, of 10th standard, all others were rushing out of the school with energetic smiles as if they had been sent out on a beach to play with the golden glittering evening waves! The reason for the class ten students could be the exam pressure. Out of the kids, those who were supposed to travel by school bus were busy in searching for their route bus, and those who were supposed to be picked up by their parents were all set to reach their respective vehicles.

First time to my knowledge and surprise, there was a clear difference in the enthusiasm on their faces to travel back home. The bus travelers imaged themselves as if they still had some school-time left before reaching home. I was damn sure looking at their tenure that they were all fit with the idea of having fun with their mates in the bus on their way back from school. They knew they would be still enjoyed it despite the otherwise boring traffic jams. The kids to be taken by their parents, on the other hand, were showing low enthusiasm to sit in the cars or on the bikes of their fathers/mothers. Not that they were not having interest in going back but they were for sure appeared missing something that the children whose parents could not or did not afford their own two/four wheeler.

The reason why mentioned “did not” in the above last is as follows. In fact there could be multiple reasons for the same. Some parents might not be available to bring their children home as they were stuck with work or equivalent. Some might have calculated the economics of bus-traveling vs. the to-be-picked up by own vehicles. Some might have their neighbor’s kids who were elder then their own to accompany safely. Every reason has it’s own backup!

Well, I admire those, who could or could not have afforded it, but still did not with the thinking that they wanted their children to be the part of the enjoyment traveling with their friends. This is just one small example of what’s happening with the new age kids.

It’s the age of the kids, I mean the schooling, the sweetest and the most memorable, very few disagree with this and that too based on their own unique experiences.

** With all the revised syllabuses, upgraded discipline norms, students spending time with each other, connecting emotionally with each other, is next to impossible if I have to be frank.

** They would need a physical education hour a day which too bundle them up with the discipline for which most of the physical education trainers in schools are famous for.

** The upraising interest in parents to prepare their children to the extra-curricular activities such as painting, drawing, dancing, singing etc is doing it’s part in activating the brains of children and let them know that they can actually do more than just reading the syllabus. Its good sign that some schools are mandating some extra activities, reason might have been the commercial gain but nevertheless parents pay it and children are uplifted in spirits.

** Apart from all that children do together in school they need to spend some quality time outside the school as well with their friends or with more or less equal-aged. This is most important for the children of the metros, big cities compared to the children of small towns, who anyway connect together easily, as the scenario in cities is becoming tougher to do so day by day.

** They shall be exposed to all the varieties of ongoing cultural changes in the society, in the cities etc. They shall be sent out along with their friends on their picnics once in a while to roam around but only after making them aware of how careful they need to be. Parents shall also be not too much protective of their children.

** First of all parents shall be stronger to send the kids out. Some parents don’t even let the kids to fall down but they want the kids to learn running! How come! Kids catch illness easily, but some parents just can’t let any illness to occupy their kids with their over precaution measure. Kids need to be made aware how to fight it out instead. This really helps them.

** With the apartment raising across, for the children of metros its not easy to catch up with their schoolmates who probably stay in all different corners. That does not end the story. There shall be good communication maintained by parents/elders among the apartment residents, which in turn produce the same enthusiasm and culture in younger generation to follow.

Shutting the doors and sitting inside watching the high definition TV or making kids watch the cartoon channels with a separate wide inch TV in their rooms will only add up the remaining hurdles to their mental growth.

Outdoor games are equally important as that of the video games. This awareness was not there in the previous generation kids right from their birth. It was well incepted by their parents or society or for that matter the unavailability of video games was the main reason. These days with the higher availability of video games compared to the play grounds to play, there is no surprise that children confine themselves to the best possible varieties of the digital shows! This must be considered seriously. I appreciate the way the housing societies develop the parks around. If the outdoor games also could be promoted the same way, there will not be any dying need to approach jims both for children or elders.

The necessary resources need to be taken to the knowledge of kids and their needs shall be addressed not just with love but with also with a mere responsibility too. With the busy schedules of these days its not so possible to concentrate on these, but after all, being parents is also important amidst the pressures to bring up the today’s kids to the tomorrow’s citizens.

Nov 12, 2011

You need not love to understand love...

You need not love to understand love;

You can just believe in it, that’s enough.

The Wish to Influence…

All that people try to do is,

To influence;

Influence the world around

By spelling out the fact

That they are around;

Influence their destined tasks

To let the world know

They know the know-how;

As long as the inexperienced people never understand the experienced, and the inexperienced are never given the attention they wait for, simple facts of life, like the wish to influence, never can be understood.

That keeps the journey of learning ongoing. But, always with the thought pulling the whole scene back, that it could have been better, had it been the way it should have been.

Nov 8, 2011

Love, Education, Child marriage…how message oriented movies fail!

I used to wonder why message oriented movies fail. Fail from the sense of conveying the message they are made to convey for. Given a bit of thinking into it I got to know something. I just wanted to share what I thought on couple of stories involving love, education and child marriages. Read on.

Movie: x


Hero is a bright student from a village. People of the village respect his parents and believe in him becoming doctor. They expect him to come back to the village and operate them for free… xxx

Hero loves his classmate. They want to get married. Hero fights with heroine’s father to get his approval for marriage… xxx

Hero becomes a doctor. He lives up to his principle of coming back to his village and operating people. He brings the heroine along with him to his village. He is ready to operate his villagers. Heroine though from a prominent family of the city she adjusts well with her husband’s family in the village… xxx

Villagers don’t like the hero for marrying the girl of other cast. They no more show the same love they once showed to him. They don’t respect him anymore… xxx

As a disastrous decease downs the village hero puts all his efforts and brings back the healthy faces… THE END


Intended message: Let your education be useful to the village/town/country/people you belong to.

Message inferred: Let the youth study in cities, abroad; but have an eye on them if they love and bring a girl of different cast.

Consequence: Parents put all constraints on their children and spur them to do something against the wishes of their parents.

Movie: y


Hero and heroine, when kids, are made together with the child marriage. They start living with each other in same house. Relationship between them stays just friendship till their teenage… xxx

After teenage, the hero is sent out for higher studies. He likes a girl over there and fells in love. He somehow marriage her against the will and wishes of his family and first wife…xxx

He never comes back. He stays happily with his second wife and children. The first wife’s life is destroyed completely because of the mistake her parents did in her childhood. Hero tries to explain the same to the people back home that the his marriage in childhood was done without his intervention… xxx

Now he likes the second girl and lives happily leaving the first girl to her fate… THE END.


Intended message: Don’t encourage child marriages; let your kids grow and get the capability to choose the person who has got the qualities he/she likes to have in his/her life partner.

Message inferred: Don’t let the hero go alone to the city. Send his wife along with him. If not possible, never send him for his studies.

Consequence: Either child marriages keep going on or the illiteracy does grow.


PS: Just got a thought and didn’t concentrate much on explaining the story in detail. Anyway, they are quite common story lines; hope its self understood!

Nov 7, 2011

Music and journey…

A good book turns an otherwise bad journey average. Journeying through life alone is of course experienced day in day out by each one of us, but when it comes to journeying alone by bus, train or plane, all it feels is like having something to get entertained with. Choice of many used to be a good book supporting the first line of this post. It seems changing times have changed this pattern too!

Mp3 players have rocked in already. The innovative mobile phones with extremely good music quality have been touched by many hands in the mobile showrooms. Mobiles have become so cheap in the last one and half year and as the online review websites for the same come creeping in, all it takes is few minutes of time spending in the shopping mall and browsing in the side window of the internet explorer to the so called often visited Facebook window.

Purchasing a mobile phone is the one thing forgotten so easily with the ease with which one can get aquatinted with the new phone though it does consist brand new features. And the music downloads, as easy as opening the google webpage!

Get in to the bus/train, set yourself for a couple of minutes, put the ear phones in ears satisfying the name given to them, and then enjoy the music; its been the routine most of us undergo. In my case, as I travel by bus to office in the morning or on my way back to home from office, I’m fully on with the music. Only when the charge in my music player was down completely and I had to switch it off, that’s when the real pain of a longing traffic jam I was in started irritating me.

Well, it is advised to use the ear phones for less duration. By saying this I’m advising and equally taking the advice too.

Books are always healthy but the restlessness book-reading causes to the eyes especially in the bus journey on the roads with frequent depths makes one lose half energy then and there itself. It affects more when on a way to office or college. This is the same reason why I shifted my whole interest on to music during a journey. All may or may not have same reasons, but journeying with music relaxes one to a greater extent.

Nov 5, 2011

Man, the social animal…

Not all do speak for you.

Not all do fight for you.

Not all do stand by you.

Not definitely every time.

Man, being the social animal, has to accept this fact and still shall live a social life with people, with all, giving every person the importance and attention each person deserves for what the person is for him and his life.

Stand Respected… Take Home #89

Anyone gives importance to the person whom he is around, be it by chance or by choice. Remembering the person whom once you were with and giving him the importance he deserves today makes you stand respected the most.

Nov 4, 2011

“No Equal Law for All”

Old wine in new bottle feels good is what I’ve heard. But what happened with the Pakistani cricketers in the spot-fixing allegations couldn’t make me feel good though the fixing, like an old wine, is nothing new to the betting world and the jail sentence, like new bottle, is brand new of it’s kind for the cricketing world.

First and the foremost, what if it would have been had the allegations been on cricketers from Australia or India? Would CA or BCCI have left their players to the English judge without lobbying considerably? I seriously doubt!

Ok, Jail Sentence for Pak Cricketers has been welcomed by many former players. Appreciations to the people involved in this have been popping up across all social networking sides and media. What’s been killing me is, what about Bob Woolmer's suspicious death during the 2007 world cup in Jamaica? None cared to bring the truth out then. No one was dared enough to speak out, not even a single word in support to the murder allegations after the first post mortem! No judiciary or a police department of the world could take up the case. And now, in spot fixing case, people have been trying to prove that they too have GUTS!!! Rubbish..!!

Friends, remember my words; this Jail Sentence verdict will not be making as much difference as people have been hoping and quoting to the news papers and news channels. Where there is a will there is a way. This not just applies for the people who want to stop the fixing but also is applicable to those who create it all.

Justice is equal under law; GREAT quote!! But as long as money and fear dominate, nothing is believably justified and NO EQUAL LAW for ALL!!

Unless a squad which can get into serious enquiry of the underworld market would be launched, no judiciary can do much otherwise its a case as small as few no-balls. Players shall approach the officials of their countries in case of any pressures from the fixers. Of course, there could be the corrupted in the board itself. That’s the important place to keep clean first of all. That’s why its always true, as the king so the people!

Few words for the Pak cricketers who have been sent to jail, I’m not much concerned about Butt and Asif, but Amir shall be given a chance to resume himself and his game. He is a good player. At 19, he proved a lot. He deserves a second chance for sure. I hope he retains his confidence.

Ok, I sign off here for now. Have nice time all.

Nov 2, 2011

When managers fail to inspire… Take home #88

Managers, when make people work and do forget to work themselves, that’s when they become successful to manage but fail to inspire.

Unknowingly… Take Home #87

Unknowingly we do hurt and we do get hurt. The closer we are with someone the more it happens.

Professionalism… Take Home #86

Professionalism is liked; too much of it too is accepted at times, but never it’s extremity as it poses the emotionless face of the concerned. Emotions make life beautiful, be it personal or professional.

Nov 1, 2011

Last but one and the last… Day 13-14 @ Holiday

Last but one day and the last day of any holiday trip are the two days I never want them to come but they do come. It is one of the inevitable happenings.

My heart filled with the feeling that I’ll be leaving behind so much of fun. Its true too, but, again, you can’t help it always. I’ve had a memorable holiday trip, especially this time, meeting so many relatives, family friends, and friends. Had I not got my stomach upset I would have chewed the pleasure more. Unfortunately it was out of my control. Or may not, it was, but I could not grab it. Anyway, still its one of the most satisfying long break from work.

After a long time of five years I met one of my friends. She is married and settled in Hyderabad. After seeing her, the way she has been maintaining her house, some crazy memories of our graduation days flashed in my mind! How childish we were then! How lazy! Oops, life teaches many lessons. Also, it makes us do what we are supposed to do. Not everyone feels satisfied with all, but still life is undoubtedly beautiful. We started remembering our old friends, good olden days, lab mishaps, New Year bashes, movie trips, exam blues etc and time ran faster than anything. We had very good time! I felt happy with myself that I could make it to her house at least this time round.

Luggage packing is one of the happiest things to do while going on a holiday. While returning back, nothing else could be more boring and annoying. Be it for five days or for fifteen days, holiday is a holiday and the last day of the holiday is never liked. I had to search for my things in the big house, which also got affected with the relative rides on the eves of Marriage and Diwali. Finally, I could pack everything except the tooth-brush. I’m very sure; this is the one item that’s forgotten the most by many!

Bidding farewell is anyway a tough job and if it is to be done after having so much of fun, it hurts more. When Pinni and Babai waves bye for me, I remembered the way my mom, dad and grand dad use to wave it for me every time I start from home after holidays.

Only after getting into the train I realized that the other ticket I forgot to cancel was also booked in the ladies quota as well as the one I was currently traveling in. Berth number 4 and 5 of the ladies reservation quota; one was from my hometown and the other from Hyderabad. I was little upset that I didn’t cancel it in time. But, to my surprise, it turns so satisfying at the end of the journey. There was a girl traveled with me with no reservation. I told her that the vacant berth was mine and she could take it. You can not give 250 Rs to a girl who is working and make her feel happy. With that extra ticket I forgot to cancel I could give her sound sleep for a night and lot of peace to her heart. That was one of the satisfactorily done journeys I had been through.

Happiness and satisfaction stays within us, within our thinking, nothing is beyond!

Finally, back in Pune! Back to work! This post ends my holiday postings. I will return with my regular writings soon.

Ghee, Seventh Sense and Mobile shopping… Day 12 @ Holiday

I too got surprised I slept so long. Next day morning I didn’t see the sunrise, I surprised my Pinni too with this. May be that was the first and last sign of the Diwali late night sleeping.

Since childhood if I haven’t lost craziness on any food item, it’s the ‘Ghee’, solid one not the liquid. I can pretty clearly tell you, during this holiday trip I ate home made Ghee on behalf of many people including me who has not been able to get it since years. My grand mom used to cook it for me during my childhood. I love the most is the reddened part of the Ghee that lies underneath the while layer. Pinni asked me to take a bottle of Ghee with me to Pune. I said ‘No’ as I was more than sure that I wouldn’t be able to control myself from eating it in a disorderly manner.

“Seventh Sense” was the new released movie for the Diwali. After having lunch with one of my all time favorite curry, Brinjal fry, Yamini, her husband and I went to watch the movie. Both of them told me that it would be difficult to get the tickets for the new release. I think I was used to the Pune ticket getting mania and said very confidently that we will get them. Hyderabad is no Pune to have less number of Telugu audience. They were right, it was already houseful. As far as I remember it, it was first time for me to go to a theater and not getting the tickets. Another experience!

Mobile shopping is a big task provided you have your selected model list ready. It seems touch screen is the only item that mobile companies have been concentrating upon. Good that these days both touch and keypad models are available too. Somehow touch screen does not interest me. Simply, I’d no idea where to touch when the screen is completely black. Recently I came to know that there stays a button on the side pressing which we get the screen illuminated. It was somewhat relief for me from my no-go strategy for the touch screens. Next time, I’ll try if I can get good one.

Having lost the phone in an odd way I got depressed deeply to buy a new and costly mobile. Now I’m waiting my phone to catch problem. May be, that’s why, one should not get influenced by the emotions while taking decisions!

For me, going to a movie and returning back without watching it is like a big disaster. I was disappointed. Anyway, I could spend some private time with the new couple. People normally like to keep the new couple alone. I have different interest. I like to stay with them, observe them, for all the new emotions they undergo, for the way they establish the comfort feeling between themselves. Of course that discomforts them too, you know what, you can’t always help it.

Diwali and the crackers… Day 11 @ Holiday

Diwali day’s wee hours make us realize the upcoming night’s extravaganza. In Hyderabad, it started early in the morning itself on the day of Diwali. Kids, of course, started it off a day before, but the real presence of Diwali was experienced in all the loud soundings the crackers made.

If anything makes us sad on the eve of Diwali I believe the prices of the crackers complete strong for the first place. I remember mentioning the same in one of my older posts, that during my childhood I along with my father used to get a bagful of crackers for just 100/-. Now-a-days, Rs 100 seems just nothing! Ask me if the shop keeper don’t take much time to sat “That’s it for 100 Rs” while filling your bag with crackers.

I enjoyed this Diwali with my family members. Also, the new joiners of the family, the relatives of the bridegroom, mingled well with us. Though you know people right before marriage, marriage is a marriage and it always establishes special bonds.

I never lit so many varieties of crackers in any Diwali expect the one three years back. This time, its all very new. We had to struggle where exactly to light some of the crackers. Golden flower pot was one of my favorites for the day! Babai told me they bought it from one small boy selling on the road side outside of the crackers’ market. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a snap of them; I remember in my eyes, and I will for long times.

Kids are sensitive. Though I knew it I unknowingly did hurt my sister’s daughter. She cried and my heart loosened. Pampering kids back on track is a job not just a mother but only few skilled people can do. Somehow she was brought into normal routine soon, my goodness, it was relaxing to me.

I equally like cooking and catering. The former starts the job and the later ends. Praise is good, be it in any form. It inspires. One of my relatives praised me for the job I was doing as part of catering, I was happy.

Deep pleasure does make you forget the otherwise hurting physical pains of the body. I experienced the same that day. I overcame many on seeing my family, relatives and of course the crackers as well.

It was a good day spent all in all. I will remember it for long. Hope you all too had a memorable Diwali. Belated wishes to you all.