Nov 1, 2011

Diwali and the crackers… Day 11 @ Holiday

Diwali day’s wee hours make us realize the upcoming night’s extravaganza. In Hyderabad, it started early in the morning itself on the day of Diwali. Kids, of course, started it off a day before, but the real presence of Diwali was experienced in all the loud soundings the crackers made.

If anything makes us sad on the eve of Diwali I believe the prices of the crackers complete strong for the first place. I remember mentioning the same in one of my older posts, that during my childhood I along with my father used to get a bagful of crackers for just 100/-. Now-a-days, Rs 100 seems just nothing! Ask me if the shop keeper don’t take much time to sat “That’s it for 100 Rs” while filling your bag with crackers.

I enjoyed this Diwali with my family members. Also, the new joiners of the family, the relatives of the bridegroom, mingled well with us. Though you know people right before marriage, marriage is a marriage and it always establishes special bonds.

I never lit so many varieties of crackers in any Diwali expect the one three years back. This time, its all very new. We had to struggle where exactly to light some of the crackers. Golden flower pot was one of my favorites for the day! Babai told me they bought it from one small boy selling on the road side outside of the crackers’ market. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a snap of them; I remember in my eyes, and I will for long times.

Kids are sensitive. Though I knew it I unknowingly did hurt my sister’s daughter. She cried and my heart loosened. Pampering kids back on track is a job not just a mother but only few skilled people can do. Somehow she was brought into normal routine soon, my goodness, it was relaxing to me.

I equally like cooking and catering. The former starts the job and the later ends. Praise is good, be it in any form. It inspires. One of my relatives praised me for the job I was doing as part of catering, I was happy.

Deep pleasure does make you forget the otherwise hurting physical pains of the body. I experienced the same that day. I overcame many on seeing my family, relatives and of course the crackers as well.

It was a good day spent all in all. I will remember it for long. Hope you all too had a memorable Diwali. Belated wishes to you all.