Nov 1, 2011

Ghee, Seventh Sense and Mobile shopping… Day 12 @ Holiday

I too got surprised I slept so long. Next day morning I didn’t see the sunrise, I surprised my Pinni too with this. May be that was the first and last sign of the Diwali late night sleeping.

Since childhood if I haven’t lost craziness on any food item, it’s the ‘Ghee’, solid one not the liquid. I can pretty clearly tell you, during this holiday trip I ate home made Ghee on behalf of many people including me who has not been able to get it since years. My grand mom used to cook it for me during my childhood. I love the most is the reddened part of the Ghee that lies underneath the while layer. Pinni asked me to take a bottle of Ghee with me to Pune. I said ‘No’ as I was more than sure that I wouldn’t be able to control myself from eating it in a disorderly manner.

“Seventh Sense” was the new released movie for the Diwali. After having lunch with one of my all time favorite curry, Brinjal fry, Yamini, her husband and I went to watch the movie. Both of them told me that it would be difficult to get the tickets for the new release. I think I was used to the Pune ticket getting mania and said very confidently that we will get them. Hyderabad is no Pune to have less number of Telugu audience. They were right, it was already houseful. As far as I remember it, it was first time for me to go to a theater and not getting the tickets. Another experience!

Mobile shopping is a big task provided you have your selected model list ready. It seems touch screen is the only item that mobile companies have been concentrating upon. Good that these days both touch and keypad models are available too. Somehow touch screen does not interest me. Simply, I’d no idea where to touch when the screen is completely black. Recently I came to know that there stays a button on the side pressing which we get the screen illuminated. It was somewhat relief for me from my no-go strategy for the touch screens. Next time, I’ll try if I can get good one.

Having lost the phone in an odd way I got depressed deeply to buy a new and costly mobile. Now I’m waiting my phone to catch problem. May be, that’s why, one should not get influenced by the emotions while taking decisions!

For me, going to a movie and returning back without watching it is like a big disaster. I was disappointed. Anyway, I could spend some private time with the new couple. People normally like to keep the new couple alone. I have different interest. I like to stay with them, observe them, for all the new emotions they undergo, for the way they establish the comfort feeling between themselves. Of course that discomforts them too, you know what, you can’t always help it.