Nov 1, 2011

Last but one and the last… Day 13-14 @ Holiday

Last but one day and the last day of any holiday trip are the two days I never want them to come but they do come. It is one of the inevitable happenings.

My heart filled with the feeling that I’ll be leaving behind so much of fun. Its true too, but, again, you can’t help it always. I’ve had a memorable holiday trip, especially this time, meeting so many relatives, family friends, and friends. Had I not got my stomach upset I would have chewed the pleasure more. Unfortunately it was out of my control. Or may not, it was, but I could not grab it. Anyway, still its one of the most satisfying long break from work.

After a long time of five years I met one of my friends. She is married and settled in Hyderabad. After seeing her, the way she has been maintaining her house, some crazy memories of our graduation days flashed in my mind! How childish we were then! How lazy! Oops, life teaches many lessons. Also, it makes us do what we are supposed to do. Not everyone feels satisfied with all, but still life is undoubtedly beautiful. We started remembering our old friends, good olden days, lab mishaps, New Year bashes, movie trips, exam blues etc and time ran faster than anything. We had very good time! I felt happy with myself that I could make it to her house at least this time round.

Luggage packing is one of the happiest things to do while going on a holiday. While returning back, nothing else could be more boring and annoying. Be it for five days or for fifteen days, holiday is a holiday and the last day of the holiday is never liked. I had to search for my things in the big house, which also got affected with the relative rides on the eves of Marriage and Diwali. Finally, I could pack everything except the tooth-brush. I’m very sure; this is the one item that’s forgotten the most by many!

Bidding farewell is anyway a tough job and if it is to be done after having so much of fun, it hurts more. When Pinni and Babai waves bye for me, I remembered the way my mom, dad and grand dad use to wave it for me every time I start from home after holidays.

Only after getting into the train I realized that the other ticket I forgot to cancel was also booked in the ladies quota as well as the one I was currently traveling in. Berth number 4 and 5 of the ladies reservation quota; one was from my hometown and the other from Hyderabad. I was little upset that I didn’t cancel it in time. But, to my surprise, it turns so satisfying at the end of the journey. There was a girl traveled with me with no reservation. I told her that the vacant berth was mine and she could take it. You can not give 250 Rs to a girl who is working and make her feel happy. With that extra ticket I forgot to cancel I could give her sound sleep for a night and lot of peace to her heart. That was one of the satisfactorily done journeys I had been through.

Happiness and satisfaction stays within us, within our thinking, nothing is beyond!

Finally, back in Pune! Back to work! This post ends my holiday postings. I will return with my regular writings soon.


TheBluntBlogger said...

I can relate to not wanting to pack my bags for home, most of the clothes are dirty and suddenly bags seem smaller....

Am glad you helped the girl :)

☆ Rià ღ said...

Loved all ur posts on the holidays. :) Now its back to the grind.

Diana said...

I'm sorry that I missed so much Prams. I've been gone awhile but was so happy to read of your holiday! Good for you! Love Di ♥

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I've been reading your blog for at least two years now. These holiday posts you've published are the best I've read till now on your blog. Let me tell you why. You gave us a window into your soul wherein you didnt hesitate to pour out your thoughts and your emotions. For example, when you set out for the movie and didnt get the tickets, I understood at once the unhappiness but you amazed me by saying exactly how you've felt. Same with with the young couple, you stated clearly how you like to observe them and yet you didnt hesitate to mention the extent of discomfort it may mean for them. I loved your holiday posts because they were packed with emotions and yes, they were very touching. Keep writing like this, Pramoda.

Being Pramoda... said...

Thanks Chintan..;) haha.. yeah bad appears small..:) i agree with it..

Being Pramoda... said...

Yeah Ria.. Thanks..

Being Pramoda... said...

Its k Di.. nice to see u here.. again..

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Swapna, this comment of urs made me feel good for choosing my holiday doings for postings.. have been trying to do such series since long..couldn't..

Am so \glad that u liked it.. this will be a real best kick for me to write such in the years to come..

Thanks ONce again..