Nov 18, 2011

My First ever ‘blogger’ shock

What if someday I wake up to my laptop screen showing “Being Pramoda, blog not found/ deleted”? Many times I got this thought for which I could never get one answer.

Finally, today I witnessed it appearing on my lapi screen, in the evening though. I didn’t not panic; I was just collapsed for a few seconds. For the first time I hated my Tata Photon+ for not being even faster while the blogger dash board was getting reloaded. After a fearful wait I got to know that my blog was safe!

Actually, it seems there has been a google security check. As I saw the “blogger not found” page in Mozilla, immediately I tried to open it in the Internet Explorer. That’s when I was asked to enter my mobile number. Soon I entered the number a message popped up in my mobile as security code. I was asked to enter the code after which my original blogger dashboard appeared to my relief with all of my blogs. Great relief!

All in all it’s the first shock from blogger, in fact from google. Shockingly shocking;

Well, I just thought I would share this incident with you. In case you are asked to enter your mobile number, enter the right number to get the security code. Don’t panic.

Happy blogging!


Pria Rao said...

:D Losing blog can be a disaster

KParthasarathi said...

Lucky we are that you could find your blog back.I think it is always good to go to settings>permissions and add wone more email id.Incase the google id is hacked,you hv another to fall back.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

We can always restore our blog within 90 days if it ever got deleted :)
But yes, I would go crazy if that ever happened :)

Diana said...

I know that I would have panicked! Good thing you figured it out Prams, I would have had to call my daughter!
Love Di ♥

adithyasaravana said...

hmm .. if i got up finding my blog missing.. would feel shocked and then maybe happy.. that I need not write.. :)

Saumya said...

omg...dat wud have been really terrific....blogosphere has became such an integral part of our life....that we really can't imagine loosing it all of a sudden.....keep blogging :)

Ed Pilolla said...

scary. i need to back up my blog somewhere. this is a good reminder.