Nov 24, 2011

Sachin and century centuries…

It seems two crazy moments have been the most awaited these days, Aishwarya’s delivery and Sachin’s hundredth century. By saying this I’m not ignoring any other most important news. Please don’t get me wrong. News is no longer just the news when it comes to Bollywood or Cricket! So addicted all Indians are made, by you know who. News coverage that has been done on these two topics will surely make the Olympics news coverage feel shy!

Well, the first moment is all done with the entry of the Beti B. Now it’s the turn of the little master. There is a slight confusion, if it’s the turn of Sachin to create the news on 100th century or it’s the turn of media and fans to ruin him by putting all the pressure of expectations. It was said that he was under pressure like never before while making his 50th ton in tests. Now again it is being said that he is again under tremendous pressure like never before for the next century to complete a century of such to become the only man on earth to do so in the world cricket. Whatever, Sachin is used to all such. He has always proved himself, pressure did matter but not to an extent to make him lose it!

I too wish this man to achieve the feet soon. My heart says he will make it in the series with Australia in Australia! Let’s see. Just in case, he does accomplish it here in India at Wankhade, Indians will have something more to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

hi to all yedilmangemore.blogspot.comers this is my frst post and thought i would say hello to you all -
regards speak again soon
g moore

☆ Rià ღ said...

News in India only means disasters & celebrities everything else is ignored.

Andy said...

Sachin T is a great player. I'm sure he will accomplish the runs.
Interesting post.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks also for your comments on my recent posts. I appreciate your visits.

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deeps said...

the wait has to be longer still... maybe until they tour down under .. oops