Dec 25, 2011

Big bash, only if the Indian young guns fire!

So, it seems all set for the Boxing Day test to begin in the cricket grounds of Melbourne, Australia, so as the Indian and Australian cricket fans too. The cricketing world is looking at this series too. Some want the Indians to outplay the Aussies. Few others want to continue watching the downfall of the Australian cricket. However, everyone knows about the gutsy Australians comebacks does not matter from which depth of misery they have to head from.

On the other hand, its well known how easily the Team India can spoil it’s own fate on the day of not it’s. Comebacks are not much practiced and so as the aggressive attacks by the way. Well, with the so called good mix of experienced and the young Indian players, it is expected from this particular Indian team this time that this series must be productive not just in terms of entertainment but also the success and of course some pictures of the team with the glittering trophy at the end.

Big contest is on the cards no doubt and why not when the anticipation is such a huge. But is the Indian team really set to satisfy the mere performance requirements to win the series? I don’t think so. Injuries are obviously the show stoppers this time too as if the injuries are being practiced more than the game itself. One bowler walks out and the speculation starts on the Indian bowling attack! Is this the team that is expected to do much? I seriously doubt, especially when it comes to the bowling department.

Batting is one of the strengths of the Indian side but many agree if I have to say that it’s the only strength India shall march on this time. Big names often leave big miseries. It happened in the past enough times adding strength to this argument. Nevertheless, with the swashbuckling batting order, India is hottest favorite. But if the Indian batting performance has to appear sexy, young Indian players shall fire like never before. If the same old trio will have to keep on saving it for India like before, frankly, it’d be no big bash.

As the Indian team is ready to fire it’s young guns, it seems Team Australia is all set to launch it’s aged missiles. Not just twice or thrice the average age of the Australian dressing room is so high. As the man in Indian young player moulds in the tours with the team, a mere Australian debutant would have already gone ahead and experienced the manliness in the domestic cricket tournaments. Whatever, when its time to say get set go, age does not matter so as the manliness, only the player inside shall pop out. Be it a young or old player, once the ball and bat have to kiss each other, it’s the game that experiences the orgasm.

All in all, this time round, there is a very fair and good chance for Team India to clinch the trophy. As always, I hope to have fun watching this tournament. No more monkey-gates are envisioned but you never know it enough when the emotions take over on the field. Let’s hope for the best bash.


Bikramjit said...

All the best to the indian team .. I will be watching all the matches as I have days off toooo :)

lets hope we do good this time


KParthasarathi said...

A good analysis.Our bowling prone to injury is our Achilles heel.I have reasonable confidence on our batsmen but the pitch is not expected to be flat but fast and full of life.Our stalwarts will have to prove their mettle.Aussies play in their home ground with support from the crowd.They are keen to give a good fight.I would not like to enter into a wager but keep my fingers crossed as of now.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

True, let us hope for an eventful series, and I hope the Little Master Blaster makes his centurion ton on his favourite pitch too.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Ed Pilolla said...

sounds like fun. i'll be watching my sad professional football team (chicago bears) go down this evening:)
happy holidays to you:)

Jack said...


We need a team which does not go into underconfidence if one player is injured. All the best to our team.

Take care