Dec 27, 2011

Book: Every Second Counts

Author: Lance Armstrong with Sally Jenkins

# Sequel to “It’s Not About the Bike”

Good that Armstrong has decided to do this sequel. It does give us the idea on the aftermath battle of him with the sport, the doping allegations, his body, and for that matter the shadowing fear of getting the disease back, all again. Dream comeback do exhilarate the heart of the concerned, be it the sport or any other field. Often they do induce the doubts on the person’s ethical attitude by misinterpreting the power of the burning desire of the concerned as catching victory through unethical means. Interesting, as the sports persons, though healthy, use the drugs to enhance their performances, the people who are refreshed with their admirable comebacks after the gap turn out to be the real sufferers. After reading about the way random drug checks are done usually, one would not resist himself from protesting it though he could. Social media takes the front seat in naming or defaming anybody. When it comes to the celebrities, media always enjoys hundreds of eyes and ears. Not by luck but by his actions, Armstrong could successfully come out negative to the hell lot of blood samples that had been taken from his veins. How it actually feels to be the face helplessly going through such dangerous allegations, if proven kills the career, and could have been proven in any possible wrong way, has been narrated so realistically.

I was never aware of the cycle racing and what the sport was all about, how the teams where chosen, how the winner would happen! Thanks to the authors for showing courtesy on illiterates like me of the sport by explaining it enough. I used to imagine the series of cycles and the cyclists racing ahead, but the team work and the dependency of the winner on his own team is far away different from my imagination or understanding. In most of the team games, as I know it, team members help as one or two outperform in a game but the story here with this sport is entirely different. Team members sacrifice to make one person, the lead, successful and that’s the spirit! Or, there is no need to get excited so much, it’s the way the sport is and so as the players would have moulded themselves. Nevertheless, I can’t resist myself from accepting it as the greatness of the sportive spirit. But at the same time I’m not very sure of the other side of the story what and how the supporters in a team get or feel of what they are supposed to do. I’ll like to know if any note on this topic appears in future.

Well, its neither a small thing nor an event which we get to see happening every now and then that someone fights back from the death bed to win five consecutive titles of the prominent Tour the France and an Olympic medal as well. Armstrong has done it as if its not a big deal at all. Hats off to his strong will power and his team’s, mom’s and family’s sacrifices!

Every sacrifice counts!

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