Dec 12, 2011

Book Reading… Got my touch back! #2

After college, as we just enter the professional life, all of a sudden, friends become colleagues. How many of the colleagues become friends, depends on many factors! A complete new environment welcomes you which you are neither taught in college nor have experienced any where else.

Experience is the best teacher. But you can not wait till you get experienced. One has to start learning from others’ experiences, especially not to get played by the dirty games. Now, experiences are not the bread and butter that all can afford sharing. In fact, all can afford but some just don’t. They have their own rules and they certainly don’t mind at whom cost.

That’s when I started searching for the life histories of the successful professionals. Books on managerial skills written by the ex-CEOs, psychiatrists etc interested me more. As I’ve started reading them I’m encouraged. I’m warned too of the back stage drama that continuously goes on without your notice.

Reading biographies or auto biographies may not give you exact idea on how you have to handle your own situations; it does inculcate the thought strong enough that you can face it too, its not happening for the first time and you are definitely not the first or only victim. My dad use to day, when someone else can face it we can face it too, it shall not be seen as a big deal. If you are in the same boat I suggest you to know the life histories of the successful people. Most of what you feel you are facing would already have been faced and fought out for success.

Woman factor destroys the party for ladies in the professional life. Never mind how talented, women are hurdled the same by you know who! Its damn important for women to be strong and ready to face the worst. How worse it could be is what I wanted to know. This is the reason why I bought some life histories of women who were successful in their careers. It is different from career to career, situations will be different, but you know what, they are hurdled the same way, by the same species.

Its also important to keep yourselves updated with the new entries to the marker and the business/economy news. I’m still yet to improve my reading interest in this area.

Personal life shall be given equal importance as that of professional life. Or, at times, it shall be given more importance too. As you deal the people in professional life with brain you deal the people in personal life with heart, with emotions. When heart is involved nothing else can win the race. I’ve started reading the books on social life, human relationships, attitudes etc.

Psychology interests me since starting. Its pleasure reading such books as they depict the real life examples and once again we get to know we are not the first or only victims. Now, this moralizes the whole story and generates/upgrades the perspective towards life.

So, this is how it is till now. All in all I’m very happy that I got my ever favorite touch back. I hope and determine to continue. I’ll keep you guys updating with the book reviews and thoughts. See you around.


Jack said...


It certainly does prepare one what to expect in life, be it corporate or any other line, if you know how those ahead of one succeeded inspite of pitfalls faced. It is a good way to spend free time to read such biographies. One should not restrict just to this only but read other books too.

Take care

Jyoti Mishra said...

I dont know in wat ways but this post is going to help me a lot.... i have this feeling :)

Anyways, as always an awesome read n I really enjoyed your story of getting back in touch wid book reading

☆ Rià ღ said...

I miss reading books a lot...dont have the kinda time i had before.

Anonymous said...

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