Dec 10, 2011

Book-reading…Got my touch back!

I’ve grown up watching my dad reading some or the other book during his free time. Observing what we’ve grown up is what we tend to be, is once again proved right as far as I’m concerned.

Dad used to suggest me to read books. During my childhood I used to follow him very seriously, only on Sundays though. Being only child to my parents I didn’t have anyone to play with at home, especially in the afternoons. This was the time I used to spend for reading. I used to choose books which had many colorful pictures. I remember reading a book on the universe and satellites, which was a hard-bound one with exciting images of the astronauts, solar system, galaxies etc. In spite of reading it hundreds of times I never imagined myself traveling in space! I’m still unaware why so!

During B.Tech…

My interest towards reading books has grown up along with me. Due to the academic workouts I couldn’t continue it quite well. I was infected with chicken-pox in my B.Tech first year. I had to miss some sports competitions at college hostel which I knew I would win. I was upset. Then my mom gifted me an inspirational (in Telugu). It was almost after four years I read a nonacademic book. And then started my journey back to reading books!

I used to read self-help books a lot; probably, they are the reason behind the philosophical/inspirational touch in my posts here. My dad used to gift me books. I loved the way he chose books for me as per my necessity. He gave me a book “Dictionary of Technical Terms” during my engineering.

Mom, dad and I used to visit the International Book Fair at Vijayawada (a city in Andhra Pradesh, India). We used to carry home bags of books, some for the school libraries and some for our library at home. In the final year of my B.Tech I started reading books on group discussions, body language for interviews etc. Those tips have really helped me in clearing most of the interviews I’ve attended so far.

I love reading Sydney Sheldon novels. After seeing the way the female characters were shown enforced in the novels I thought the author was a lady! Oops, but he was a man.

During M.Tech…

M.Tech at IIT gives you no time for extra-curricular activities other than downloading and watching movies!

I lost my reading-touch for almost a year. Finally, on one fine day, I had been to the famous Pragathi Maidan, to visit an international book fair. I got confused what to buy and what not to after seeing the whole brand new books in the market. Stipend was no good in inspiring to buy many books. Somehow I managed and selected few. TV room at IIT was my favorite place to read. With my craziness towards cricket I used to wake up early in the morning to watch the matches (series with Australia etc), and used to have book in one hand and the remote in other. You don’t have much competition for remote other than for the serials in the night.

“Emotional Intelligence” was the first ever book I remember stopping in the middle as I could not continue it further. It was far beyond my understanding of human brain! I will some day catch it up again. “Chetan Bhagat” was the first India novelist I read. My poor interest in reading Indian authors was the culprit. “Five point someone” was the novel that incepted a thought in me “Why don’t I write a book myself?”!! This though was the reason why this “Being Pramoda…” blog started. No, that was the inspiration. Since then I love writing too.

By the way, “Three Mistakes of My Life” was the second and the last one so far which I could not continue reading, definitely not for the same good reason I mentioned above! Hope you understand!

After college…

As I’ve started my professional life, I’ve got a whole new perspective towards book-reading. I will let you know about it in the next and the final part of this post. I will let you know on how I’ve become versatile in choosing books and how I started taking help of books in planning my career and personality. I think this post is already enough long! And the main reason is I’m rushing to watch a movie (The Dirty Picture).


Anonymous said...

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

The way you described how your dad used to encourage you to read books and used to take you to book fairs reminded me of my dad too. Wherever we go, we would first visit the book store and check out the books. I do the same with my son. Books bring you not just knowledge, it gives you the ability to navigate through the realms of multiple interesting personalities. It gives you the courage to dream and do what you always wanted to do. It gives nuggets of information that you probably knew but wasn't sure of.

No offence meant, but there are lots of amazing and talented Indian writers other than Chetan Bhagat. His books are not a smart benchmark for Indian fiction. I'd suggest that you read Manju Kapur, Kaveri Nambisan, Amitav Ghosh, to start with. They are fine writers and they write such beautiful classics. Read them if you get a chance. Hope you get into the reading spree and bring more joy to yourself.

Meanwhile enjoy Dirty Pictures!

A New Beginning said...

Hmm that's a very interesting post:) and can I borrow those bags full of books from you ;)

Amity said...

I saw those books and I am green with envy I wish to have them myself...:)

Exactly like what u said, kids follow what parents love to do, e.g. reading books, my kids are bookworm too like i is a very healthy attitude to cultivate...:)

I missed you and thanks for reading me...I am sorry i seldom bloghop and i write sparingly just to keep my blog alive...:)

I can't forget you were one of my early friends in blog world and you have remained so til now.

Love you Prams. :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

wow quite a detailed account of your affair with books :D

loved reading it.
waiting for your next post... :)

The Solitary Writer said...

good to know about this hobby of yours Pramoda... book reading is good and you better give me one of those plastic bags :D

On a serious note, even i find it difficult to manage time for reading admist office work... bye

KParthasarathi said...

Happy reading.Your book case should guide me in the choice of books for me to read.

Yamini Meduri said...

Today I read a lot of books...all my friends and college knows me as a book freak but only i know where i started this reading your library...!!!

Books have become my best friends since the day i read the first..!!

your journey of reading books is too good di...will write mine very soon..!!

Jack said...


Reading is one habit which makes one learn so much. There are so many types of books, of course apart from text books, one can choose from. It could be general knowledge, biographical, historical or just for light fiction reading. In the last category again there are so many different themes - horror, homour, detective, romance, espionage, social etc etc. If you wish to read some homour books try to read PG Wodehouse. Keep up with your reading habit.

Take care

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