Dec 19, 2011

Movie: “26/11” – Terrorist is made not born

Out of the box is what often discouraged at the start, but once it gets clicked it pioneers the trend. Ram Gopal Varma is one of those directors who think out of the box and gets good marks for his direction and of course all the bad marks possible with his so called unnecessary frankness with the media.

I’m not very sure in which way a movie on the 26/11 spoils the show for the Indian Military or the Anti-terrorist squad. But if its clean from this particular point of view, its worth making a movie. A lot suffered. Emotions of the suffered have been just imagined and felt but never seen and felt by any one of us who just watched the live telecast. Who of us could possibly understand what the major, Late Mr. Sandeep Unnikrishnan, a newly married man a week back by then, would have been through at the back of his mind while pushing himself to take the bullets of the terrorists? I hope the movie could be the best way to remember him once again and more importantly to understand his greatest sacrifice!

Some people have their point on money making of the RGV with the controversies, as if they wouldn’t mind making money given the chance. Even if they mind, money making is not the problem at all. Some make history, some make love and some make money!

Besides showing the Indian sufferers I hope RGV also puts the causalities/helplessness that spurred the terrorists including Kasab to choose the path they had chosen.

Human brain knows what it is taught. Its just another myth that the children of the good cultured family possess the same good culture. If anybody wants to prove its not just a myth, surrender a child from the so called cultured family on his birth to the terrorist training center and after 25 years show to the world he is not a terrorist! It’s an open challenge.

Terrorist is made not born.

Disclaimer: This line is not the sub title of the movie. Please don’t get RGV wrong. He is having it enough already!

PS: My previous post was on the controversial “The Dirty Picture”. I will like to express my views on the Nude Photo Shoot of the Pakistani lady, Veena Malik. I will do it soon.


Siddhesh Kabe said...

What we see, know and feel is completely different than what it is. RGV is trying to get the other side of the story, there must be a reason why the terrorist chose India as their attack.
Its an attention seeking technique. I like the line, Terrorist is made not born. Most terrorist are a reaction to some actions.

Jyoti Mishra said...

totally agree.. nobody is born terrorist

Jack said...


I hope RGV does full justice while bringing out both sides of the plot. You are right, terrorists are not born but made by indoctrinating them with a lot of false information most of the times.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

I hope so that its not another commercial gimmick and does some justice ...


☆ Rià ღ said...

I totally agree with Bikramjit here.

Rachit said...

I was hurt when I saw RGV using unhealthy means for promotion of his last movie based on some killings in Mumbai. And, I was deeply hurt when I read about the ill treatment of soldiers family by the government. In my point of view none should join the defense services just to save guard the vested interest of few politicians.

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