Dec 31, 2011

So, its time to recollect…!

The year has been longer I feel. Two reasons why.

One, on the last night of last December I didn’t experience the joy similar to what I used to, on the New Year’s night. As I’m in a mood to celebrate it this year I certainly recollect the joyous celebrations from far past. I feel its too long time in between!

And two, this has been an eventful year for me in all terms. I had to marvel my guns to estate the mixed outcomes. I love the learnings I earned. I thank myself for the tsunami posts I did as ‘take homes’ at my blog which would surely release me from writing them down all at one go!

Apart from what I want to keep to myself I’d like to pen down my memories month by month. Let me clarify to myself how my memory is!

January: I lost my very good but visiting habit of writing diary. In fact I wanted to turn it to my permanent hobby. I flopped with no efforts spent not to. It was an effortful month at work.

February: I made maiden efforts in accompanying my close friend’s wedding-shopping. With the cricket world cup, I put all my efforts in improving my writing skill once again on the name of cricket, my favorite pass time.

March: I experienced a never before joy and along with it the newness as my birthday this time was celebrated thrice, covering all friends I have in Pune. I missed it out on attending my best pal’s wedding and this is one of those very times I felt disappointed about my working life. Cricket world cup robbed half of my thoughts.

April: I was first on Facebook. I felt immensely blessed with the idea after getting in touch with my long lost friends. After being almost a devotee and a big supporter of the Indian cricket team, I watched the World Cup winning moments with eyes full of tears. I’d been on a joyful and memorable trip to Ellora caves with team.

May: Mom and dad were here in Pune with me. We’d been on a family trip to Ellora and Ajanta caves. I think the first of it’s kind in the recent past. Mom was with me throughout the month and needless to say how tasty my food had been and happy my heart had been.

June: For the first time in my professional life I had to farewell one of my very few good friends. Later I took no time to realize that life till then was different. I got promoted and uplifted in spirits along with.

July: I still feel one of my happiest days at work belongs to this month. With the one hundred and twenty fifth Wimbledon championships I registered myself as a full time Grand Slam follower. I started one of my best hobbies all over again, book reading.

August: Home trip kept me away from the internet but narrowed down the distance between me and many houses of relatives and friends. Throughout the last six months I had been on full learning process at work, in terms of both technical and professional. Once again I archived myself as a big supporter following the debacle of Team India in England.

September: As a blogger I must say it was a successful month. I challenged myself with a minimum of one post every day and I conquered it. Off the record, I had to do couple of posts on wrong calendar date though. Plane crash of the Ice Hockey team did sensitize me for days. US open and the Men’s singles finals made me love the game more. I was back on track with book reading.

October: For the first time ever in my life I had been a full time marriage attendee. I enjoyed the wedding work as well my blogging on every day’s events. One more time I proved my bad habit of eating unsafely as the day of my cousin’s marriage turned out to be the most uncomfortable day of the year with the stomach upset. Though I’m now not completely up to the mark with safe intake I definitely changed my eating attitude.

November: One of the toughest months I ever had in my professional life. I had to withstand the feeling of departing another good friend at work. I sustained until the farewell party, finally I broke down. Reading the biography of Steve Jobs helped me in understanding the importance of pursuing the passion as profession.

December: Another successful month of blogging as my interest in writing took new turn. I had a satisfying week at work with an unexpected hit of work I did which in turn brought the rarest chance of meeting some of the successful professionals. Not to miss, my mind these days has been covered with hell lot of thoughts that I suppose I never had to face earlier. Hope the things settle down over next couple of months.

So, this is it with the recollection for this year.

I’ll post my thoughts on what I look forward in 2012 later, maybe tomorrow.

Guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, I wish you all a very joyful New Year’s night tonight.


Bikramjit said...

Have a great day and happy new year to you and family and everyone around you ... :)

Now that a good post all months .. you had a eventful year


Anya said...

We all wish you a Happy New Year
hugs and love
from your Dutch friends

Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

adithyasaravana said...

happy new year to you and family..

adithyasaravana said...

such eventful year.. and still you were able to put down your thoughts so often.
great, continue writing

Jack said...


Overall a gainful year. Hope you enjoy 2012. May 2012 be just the way you want it to be.

Take care