Dec 15, 2011

Stubbornness and the irony!

Stubbornness is tricky and positive meant.

The irony is here. Anyone is named stubborn, only after his decisions are turned successful. Otherwise, doesn’t matter how confident or correct he is, when he fails, he is never named the same.

Not just the stubbornness, it happens the same with many other traits by which people are typically categorized.

External factors just don’t affect the results; they affect the way you are seen and understood too. The less one thinks of being seen or understood, the more he becomes successful. But again, ironically, the more one thinks of being seen or understood, often, the more he appears successful.

Remembered are those who are seen successful but not those who knew they were successful. A wish to be remembered plays the whole game. It influences the choice we make of becoming or appearing successful.

PS: Another post of the day… Work and wait.


☆ Rià ღ said...

so true. well said dear.

Lady Whispers said...

I so love your thoughts always :)

P.S. btw i changed my kindly update :) this is SG :)

TheBluntBlogger said...

I am not too sure if I agree about the stubborn bit...But wrt success, it's quite profound. For someone we might be perfect example of successful, but as per our yardstick, we could be the biggest failures....


Anonymous said...

hi just registered ,, tina

KZ said...

"Remembered are those who are seen successful but not those who knew they were successful.".....So true!!!!

Jyoti Mishra said...

A wish to be remembered plays the whole game.

n I agree its not only with stubbornness, but this irony fits with many other traits too.

what we can do is
Do our best, n then leave the rest.

Nice read as ever !!

Siju C Antony said...

Interesting, Kind of similar to '' Success comes to those who are busy to go looking for it'' :) Thanks for reminding me again.

Anonymous said...

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Jack said...


I think we call a person stubborn irrespective of success or failure as it is the trait of not comprising or seeing reasoning what makes a person that way.

Take care