Jan 15, 2012

Have hope in relationship…

Have hope in relationship. Nothing ever means loss of it. Always it can be mended back, though not as better one as it earlier was, but at least as another new one which can bring back the old smiles.

Life blossoms

Love justifies

Under the


Hold it tight

Close to heart

Neither everything nor nothing … Take Home #106

Success and love are neither everything nor nothing. If taken as everything, loss sucks; if taken as nothing, life sucks.

Jan 14, 2012

In deep debacle?

When in middle

Of deeply sucking defeats,

Agony half kills the show

Scrutiny disturbs the flow

Success appears far away

Negativity blocks every way.

Believing the return of glory,

Bringing out the joyful memory,

Killing the thoughts of recent past,

Keeping the best hope alive still,

Makes things work for you

Once again all in your way.

Meaningless work… Take Home #105

Working more irritates less compared to meaningless working! and work appears meaningless when the intention is unclear.

For me, by Yamini…

Surprise post from Yamini, my lovely cousin, on my blog and blogging passion made my post number 600 even more special. I’m very proud to say that she has always been a true admirer of my writings and has been inspiring the writer in me.

You would find the post done by Yamini here. Read and know her and me more.

Jan 12, 2012

Post: 600 – Milestones do make us think more!

First and the foremost, I congratulate myself on this six hundredth post. When we can encourage ourselves, inspire ourselves, moralize ourselves, I think nothing wrong in congratulating ourselves!


Milestones almost every time prove that they are the real encouragement. They make us think more. They make us to want more. More than anything, they keep up the hope that they keep coming.

Every milestone,

Inscribes itself in one’s heart,

Inspires one with every thought,

Of achieving more attention,

Of demanding more of himself,

Of giving the best possible effort.

Milestone makes us think more not just on when we have arrived at it but also on how we have journeyed throughout. Good journey possesses an equally satisfying happiness irrespective of the outcome.


Now coming to the dedication part for this special post, I’m not very sure how it appears to the world. But I’ve finally decided to go with it. Read on.

I’ve recently read a book titled “Heartbreaks and dreams” – girls at IIT, a novel by Parul Mittal. Nothing great about the story but right through the read I emotionally connected myself to it. I mean, not to the story line itself but to the places covered in the story and of course some incidents too.

Its all about few girls and their love lives in IIT Delhi. As I’ve already said, its not a great story but the places the author kept on mentioning in the book made me get lost in the memories of my own in IIT Delhi along with my friends, especially the places like Kailash hostel, mess, public announcement system and of course the common room. During our final year of M.Tech, one of my Telugu friends, Sravanthi, was elected as house secretary. She had full authority to allocate the rooms for inmates. Somehow she could succeed in getting rooms on same floor and that too in a row for all members of our Telugu girls’ batch. Throughout the year we enjoyed our presence to full extent. Birthday parties, night outs, late night movie shows in rooms, arrangements for functions, project review dead lines extravaganza, placement preparation used to happen so regular and so enjoyable that none of us had ever expected it.

Even today, as I write this, all the pleasure we experienced in those days comes to my mind. I miss it; we all miss it in fact. I use to wonder if I ever go back to IIT hostel, how I would feel. Thoughts about my friends would fill me up. Well being of my friends would come to my mind. As I stand in the corridor I will think about their smiles and happiness they would be going through at that time except of one, she herself, Sravanthi, the house secy.

She is no more.

Back in IIT, in those days, we used to think that one day we all would meet again in our hostel with families and lots of smiles. But this will never happen as it is. We will miss her. We will surely miss her charming smile and dynamic will power.

I dedicate this post to her.

We love you ‘73’…!!! (Nick name)

Jan 10, 2012

Post: 599 - Being responsible… Take Home #104

Being responsible defines a person not the responsibilities.

PS: Hi friends, I was sick last week and couldn’t quite concentrate on updating this space. I’m fine now! Hope you are doing well. Check this space for my post number 600. Thinking of special dedication; let me see!

Jan 3, 2012

Love, the way I understand it…

It starts with liking first of all;

Turns to craziness at some point;

Continues as love happily ever after;

The point to be noted down here is, in all cases it may turn to craziness, but it may not continue as love!

When two people decide to stay together as life partners, the very moment they do not really understand what they are going to do with their future. The ‘I love you’ they convey to each other may not mean it’s fullest meaning.

It starts with liking first of all.

The natural side effect of teenage moulds the guys and girls with certain expectations on the qualities they would love to have in the person with whom they would have to live their married life. The moment they meet the person with such qualities, may not all qualities but at least more than the respective cut off fixed in their minds, they start feeling the presence of their ‘someone’. And soon they would like to have the person around for their life time. So, it is started!

They convey the same to the person. I’m cutting short the story from the other person’s point of view as it involves many dynamics to decide. Once the person agrees, its love the next moment!

Turns to craziness at some point;

Another natural side effect of love, more in it’s starting stage, is the wish to spend more and more time with each other, if possible in person or otherwise over a call. Now that kick starts the addiction. As they spend time together more, speak to each other more, they naturally get to know each other’s true self more, provided none lies. Lie, is an integral part of the process which makes the two one. Not that they lie about themselves, they lie for each other. They lie for love, for their partner. Sometimes, with some sexy lies, the situation becomes emotionally romantic.

How small ever the good news is,

It feels like celebrating.

How crazy ever the deep wish is,

It feels like fulfilling.

How far ever the lovely partner is,

It feels like reaching.

How difficult ever the situations is,

It feels like scintillating.

Well, as I said earlier in the post, not all pairs get through the craziness stage. Its not a small story to reason it out. Everyone have their choices. But one main reason, I suppose, I’d like to mention here. Some people want to continue having the craziness around throughout the relationship. Some want it till some extent and later practicality comes in to the picture for them. When two people with opposite mindset in this particular sense come together, after the craziness stage, they tend to dislike the happenings and in turn each other. On the other hand, two people with similar mindset continue their relationship with better liking for each other day after the day. By the way, in some cases, though the two are with different mind sets they stay together, compromise or whatever, they stick to their guns in terms of love.

Continues as love happily ever after;

There comes a stupendous yet serious transition stage. Not just the side effect but the intended and very much required understanding of life, goals and family moulds the pair into couple. The earlier days’ addiction becomes matured wish to support the partner. The earlier type of lies slowly dies out, though the process of lying continues based on situation! This time they say they lie for their family. Fair enough, as long as it does not back-stab!

Meeting may not matter much,

But the togetherness does.

Waiting may not matter much,

But the well being does.

Pampering may not matter much,

But the planning does.

Kissing may not matter much,

But the romance does.

The verbs or the nouns coming in the second lines of the above stanzas take the highest priority. The ones in the first lines do not die out but continue adding the freshness to the relationship time to time. More chances are that the lacking of highest priority items often ruins the relationship than not taking efforts to bring in freshness. People often complain that they are not being loved as much as they were during the start of the relationship. This happens because the craziness (of love) is mistaken or misunderstood as love and they did expect it to be there at every stage of love life.

That’s it from my side as of now on this topic.

Like, go crazy, love and keep it up! Life and love are beautiful. The moment they compete with each other, you can not ask for more!

Jan 2, 2012

Wanted or unwanted… Take Home #103

Either wanted or unwanted your doings are comments get flowing in from people all the time. If it is wanted, ignore them; they mean nothing to you. And if it is unwanted, ignore them anyway; they are not meant for you.

Jan 1, 2012

New Year and the Natural Newness!

Hi friends, hope you all had a blasting or I must say ‘thundering’ New Year’s night.

Wishing you all a very happy, energetic and eventful new year!

In spite of it’s repetitiveness, New Year eve ignites us with all sorts of resolutions. How many of them come true will only be known by end of the year. But we do not get realized completely as much as it should have been, as the year end again engages us in pulling out the list of brand new resolutions for the coming year. That’s how it is and that’s why we enjoy the eve every time despite of the flopped resolutions.

‘Natural newness’ is the phrase rounding in my mind whole day. Thinking of doing this and that in this year, taking things in this and that way, have been occupying my mind and I hope and wish you do have the same sense of feelings. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure that what’s all happening is for good provided we determine to take out the good hidden in every happening.

Apart from what I want to keep to myself I’d like to tell you on what I look forward in this New Year. Nothing alien; some smiles, some tears, some moments of satisfaction, some challenges, some successes, some failures, some happiness and lots of strength and courage to withstand and can still breath through the odds. Too many? Sorry, can’t help it!

Once again, I wish you all a good start in 2012. Enjoy the new calendar week!