Jan 12, 2012

Post: 600 – Milestones do make us think more!

First and the foremost, I congratulate myself on this six hundredth post. When we can encourage ourselves, inspire ourselves, moralize ourselves, I think nothing wrong in congratulating ourselves!


Milestones almost every time prove that they are the real encouragement. They make us think more. They make us to want more. More than anything, they keep up the hope that they keep coming.

Every milestone,

Inscribes itself in one’s heart,

Inspires one with every thought,

Of achieving more attention,

Of demanding more of himself,

Of giving the best possible effort.

Milestone makes us think more not just on when we have arrived at it but also on how we have journeyed throughout. Good journey possesses an equally satisfying happiness irrespective of the outcome.


Now coming to the dedication part for this special post, I’m not very sure how it appears to the world. But I’ve finally decided to go with it. Read on.

I’ve recently read a book titled “Heartbreaks and dreams” – girls at IIT, a novel by Parul Mittal. Nothing great about the story but right through the read I emotionally connected myself to it. I mean, not to the story line itself but to the places covered in the story and of course some incidents too.

Its all about few girls and their love lives in IIT Delhi. As I’ve already said, its not a great story but the places the author kept on mentioning in the book made me get lost in the memories of my own in IIT Delhi along with my friends, especially the places like Kailash hostel, mess, public announcement system and of course the common room. During our final year of M.Tech, one of my Telugu friends, Sravanthi, was elected as house secretary. She had full authority to allocate the rooms for inmates. Somehow she could succeed in getting rooms on same floor and that too in a row for all members of our Telugu girls’ batch. Throughout the year we enjoyed our presence to full extent. Birthday parties, night outs, late night movie shows in rooms, arrangements for functions, project review dead lines extravaganza, placement preparation used to happen so regular and so enjoyable that none of us had ever expected it.

Even today, as I write this, all the pleasure we experienced in those days comes to my mind. I miss it; we all miss it in fact. I use to wonder if I ever go back to IIT hostel, how I would feel. Thoughts about my friends would fill me up. Well being of my friends would come to my mind. As I stand in the corridor I will think about their smiles and happiness they would be going through at that time except of one, she herself, Sravanthi, the house secy.

She is no more.

Back in IIT, in those days, we used to think that one day we all would meet again in our hostel with families and lots of smiles. But this will never happen as it is. We will miss her. We will surely miss her charming smile and dynamic will power.

I dedicate this post to her.

We love you ‘73’…!!! (Nick name)


Ramnath said...

First congrats for completing 600 posts!!! Writing makes us to think!! I 100% agree... Keep going!

Nice post altogether!!

KParthasarathi said...

Hearty congratulations.600 is no mean number and you can be justifiably proud.Keep working for 1000 by year end.
A touching dedication.There are pleasant people like Sravanthi who brought together kindred spirits and made hostel life an experience to remember.

Ellen said...

Congratulations, Prams!

Yamini Meduri said...

congratulations di on the 600..!!

i was expecting a dedication for sure..but for Sravanthi...this was unexpected...!! I still remember your moist eyes when u first told me about her leaving this world..!!

may her soul rest in peace..!!

all the best di...waiting for the next 100...may it be completed very soon..!!

long way to go..!!

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Wow !! 600 posts and still going strong !!!

Amazing achievement Prams and we are all so proud of you.. Please keep writing and sharing your thoughts - it is so interesting and enriching..


Yamini Meduri said...

not only you
i can dedicate one too
check out my blog
special post
specially for you

congrats di..!!

☆ Rià ღ said...

wow thats amazing! well done dear.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

600 posts??? :O wow!! Congratulations :)

Jack said...


Congratulations on 600 posts. Days spent in hostel are so memorable and remain so for many many years. I am sorry to hear about Sravanthi. May God bless her soul with eternal peace.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

wowo 600 post .. jahanpanah aap great ho ...

Thank you for all the posts we get to read good things and i learn a lot tooo


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