Feb 21, 2012

Beautiful will power…

Neither every day can be the same nor can every day be guessed. Life appears different at different times.

Sometimes it appears short as we feel the pleasure of it. Sometimes it appears long as we go through the tough times. Sometimes it appears undoubtedly beautiful as we enjoy the healthy relationships. Sometimes it appears utterly ugly as we get defeated by the circumstances. And so on!

The bottom line is that it’s neither simple nor tough. And the naked truth is it gives chances everyday to understand ourselves more, to get the awareness of our strengths and weaknesses. Not those strengths or weaknesses that we write in the resumes, rather those which are actually hidden and come out only in trouble times or otherwise tough times.

As the trouble passes by us we all try to hold our nerves on the first short. Some hold them tightly, some loose them up where as some prove that they are nerveless with their bold fighting spirit. Every one of us, I think, falls under each category at different instances in life while we face it as it comes. It’s just the matter of being that does all.

Either you call it magic or morale; every problem can be solved provided we keep the most important past of our human body, the brain, ready to face it out, be it anything. Will power is the most powerful power. It can work wonders provided it is aware of what its doing. It can rule the whole story of life when it believes in itself.

Let’s all work on our internal beauty, the will power, that can make us come out of tough times beautifully.


Rachit said...

tot agree with you.. number of chances or tries will let you know about your strengths & weaknesses..

Weakest LINK

Jack said...


Each one of us has some strengths and some weaknesses but it is upto us to make proper use of this. Will power or resolve to come out of any difficult situation without fears is what makes a person.

Take care

Ed Pilolla said...

will power really is a high power. really wanting something is an unstoppable force, or at least can be. i love the electric charge of wanting something so badly. it's infectious.