Feb 24, 2012

Blog… New Look!!

For me, my blog’s new look is appearing as if my face has been undergone a plastic surgery! It’s been almost four years that I’ve used the earlier template without a modification. I love the flowers in the header of the previous one. Many readers have said that they like them too. Somehow there has been an error occupied my template and eventually made it inconvenient to read the posts, especially the long ones. Well, I tried a lot to restore the template back in form but finally gave up with its hopelessness.

The new one has been just designed and applied through the blogger template designer option. Hope you like this one too. Personally, I’m still attached to the previous one but the way the error messed it up has made it easy for me to get adjusted to the new template so quickly.

New always inspires! I’m hopeful to get inspired and write more and more. Good day all.


PeeVee™ said...

I like the flowers, a very feminine, tranquil feel to the whole place:)

Diana said...

I love it Prams, the color is beautiful!! Love Di ♥

KParthasarathi said...

What is more important is the content inside the cup than its aesthetics.Luckily your blog is elegant and reader friendly.The content has always provided food for thought.

Jack said...


Looks nice. Please do something for contrast as it does strain one with vision weakness. I agree with KP that it is content which matter the most.

Take care

PS : Left my comment in previous post also.

kaykuala said...

This is interesting Pramoda! Keep it going!


A New Beginning said...

Nice look :) All the best!

The Idle Brain said...

Way better than the previous one.. :)