Feb 7, 2012

My school trip…

I believe the early morning breeze makes me a good writer. However, with the chilled breeze doing rounds here this night I hope I will brightly complete this post on my recent home trip.

On the occasion of our school’s silver jubilee celebrations, boys and girls central zone games were conducted last month. Rather than a home trip I must say I’d been on my school trip this time round. After my tenth standard this was the time I recorded no absence for the school activity. As my mom’s working still there I felt it was even better place to spend the holiday. She said the same as we did end up staying late evenings along with other teachers.

Its always a better feeling spending time with a good team. The team of teachers made mine and many others’ days memorable with their unity and team activity. For the first time ever I’d seen a dedicated team in government organizations. Being all women and few men the way the staff members made their own dreams possible was much appreciated by the chief guests. Back in school while I was participating in the tournaments I wanted to have our teachers around as I play but I could not get the chance then. I saw myself in some of the players. Not just me, many old students who had participated in central zone attended the function and recollected their best memories in a most memorable way.

Because of my mom’s long association with the school I’m known to many of my mom’s students. The same-pinch face of my mom and mine makes it further easy for them to recognize me, as a grown up girl in their view, who was once small with a bob-cut. Mom used to tell me in my childhood that people shall recognize her as my mom instead of recognizing me as her daughter. With her dedication and love towards her profession she herself made it almost impossible for me to live as per her words. Still today I’m known and recognized as her daughter. I love it. I just enjoy it a lot. Anyway, I hope one day I will become something that she will be recognized as my mom.

Farewell in school is probably the first painful moment we all would have faced. Growing years together at such an young age makes it special bond always. Time changes all possible things but the love we have towards our school days and the then friends grows further better with years. This was clear to me as I met many of my school friends once again and the feeling is inexpressible. You can not believe that years have already passed! Some of my friends brought their kids with them. Now that made it a perfect meet.

As I’m used to watching the all possible international matches on TV I thought I would not be able to see the same level of spirit in school players. I was wrong. Dedication is a dedication, sportive spirit is a sportive spirit, win is a win and loss is a loss, be it an international match or not! Human emotions make it up and they are always pure in sports. Some of the players and especially their P.E.Ts made the matches most watchable. It felt good to see some young and enthusiastic P.E.Ts.

Camp fire was one of the highlights. Boys were boys when girls danced! It felt the place was made full with energy by the students around there. Hungry remained as just another formality for most of us when the camp fire was on!

Being a player once who practiced in the same ground where these central zone games happened and now has become the international Kabaddi player, my good friend, Ms. Nagalakshmi received one of the best honors. Seeing her photo on the main banner made my eyes wet for a moment. My hearty congratulations to her!

Home team is undoubtedly the best supported. When they loss it the whole equation changes. The scintillations just stop. Nevertheless, pressure prevails most of the times. Our school Kabaddi team was one of the best title favorites and they just too one match to get ousted. It was an absolute heart break. Once again I told myself that It’s a painful feeling to lose before the home crowd after seeing the reddened eyes and swollen faces of the players after the loss. Loss is a loss anytime anywhere but the loss that’s the most unexpected is the most painful. Well, the good point is that there is no end to the sport and sportive spirit.

Clapping during the prize distribution ceremony at times becomes disaster as the audience preserves their energies to applaud the winners from the home team. However some frequent announcements from the prize list readers on clapping brings the situation under control. Same scenes I witnessed there.

After the successful completion of the games and function I saw a pleasant satisfaction in the eyes of every staff member of the school. I was very happy for them. Last but not the least, hats off to all of them; team work means much!

PS: Here is a special mention and thanks from all teachers to all old students who contributed directly or indirectly to this huge success.


Jack said...


Visiting school after such a long time and meeting friends of those days is so exciting. Well told.

Take care

Rachit said...

great read.. memorable..

PS: check your blog template.. wasn't able to clearly read the whole text .

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♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

School times are indeed fun and they will remain with all of us as we grow :)
My farewell's coming up. It's my last school days, and now it really feels like I don't wanna leave this place!
Nice post. Looks like your visit was worth it :)

Diana said...

How exciting Prams and so happy that you got to see your mom. I'm sure she is very proud of you as well!
Love Di ♥

Bikramjit said...

wow.. school times .. I was hoping to go back to my school this year on founders day but cud not maybe next year ..

brought memories this one


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Sunakshi said...

Goood..i just remembered all my school :)