Feb 3, 2012

Update… update…!!!

It’s been almost twenty days that I’d been here. Hope you guys are doing well. Many ups and downs of emotions I’d been through these three weeks and undoubtedly some of the best awakening messages I could ever get have been stricken me both harshly and soothingly.

I’d been on home trip or rather I must say I’d been on school trip during the calendar weeks three and four. Throughout my holiday I’d been the regular attendee to the silver jubilee celebrations of our school and the central zone games conducted in this regard. I will like to elaborate on this for sure. I’ll surely comeback on all such in my next posts.

More than physically I was mentally upset with my health last month. The moment I told myself that it was the right time to be tough, I started feeling better. And now I’m almost back to my form all again and I’m taking good care of my food habits. Never in the past I had the realization on being mentally tough would mean a lot. To be frank, I’d never seen myself so weak physically and mentally that I’d been during the last month, especially in the recent years of my adulthood. I spoke to myself and I’m happy that I could get through. Credit must also go to my parents, especially mom; of course my mentality is like listening to my own self could lead me to anything no matter how tough!

Well, I’ll post these matters in more details in the coming days. Breathtakingly hectic schedule is planned in the coming weeks but if I feel like writing I will post.

All friends who have been asking me on my updates and absence of posts at my blog, thank you so much for caring me. The feeling of remembrance refreshes, a lot.

At last, some smiles after Team India have won it today. But its very sure that Indian cricketers have lost it as of now on long partnerships and five day workout, not to forget, on pitches that are not made of Indian soil. I think and believe that Sachin will and should make it in Australia.

That’s it for now, friends.


♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

I was wondering where you were for so long :)
Glad you're back :) Looking forward to your posts.

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Hey Pramoda!

Glad you're feeling better now! :)
Yeah, I feel more mentally upset now. Should try telling myself that :P

Post in detail! I'm waiting :)

KParthasarathi said...

Welcome back after a break.
Glad that you are better both physically and mentally.
Yes after a long time there is one win but makes me sad we have become a hit and run team but not good enough for the longer version

Anonymous said...

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Ordinary Gal said...

Glad to see you back here. Take good care of yourself :)

Jack said...


Nice seeing you back. I am sure you must have enjoyed all the events connected to Silver Jubilee. Looking forward to detailed posts. One should be mentally strong as that leads to making tough decisions without any difficulty.

Take care

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Glad to have you back updating us on the ups and downs that you bravely faced. It helps you to discover your own hidden strengths especially when you are mentally and physically tested. I am sure you tackled it well. Looking forward to your posts and hoping to learn something from them. Take care, Pramoda.

Diana said...

Hi Prams,
So good to hear from you again. And yes, the older we get the more important good health is. The younger you start the better, so keep trying my dear. You don't want to end up with all of my problems.
Love Di ♥

Bikramjit said...

the smile for team india winning did not last long ..

glad you are much better now so take care of yourself
and welcome back