Feb 29, 2012

A very special player of my life…

As soon as the topic on sports comes to my mind emotions get added up to the words I write here. I feel pretty much connected to sports and players. On this leap day of the ongoing leap year I have been thinking a lot since morning for a topic to choose and write here. Obviously, the one that stricken me was the majestic win of Team India yesterday down under. But I was reluctant to put it here as I strongly felt that the teaming up was still missing in the Indian cricket team. Whatever, it was an amazing and quite unbelievable win!

Well, the credit for this topic of today’s post goes to my mom who called me and made me aware of the selection of one of my mom’s students and a very good friend of mine, to the Indian Kabaddi team which will participate in the Kabaddi world cup going to happen from tomorrow onwards at Patna, India. Her name is Naga Lakshmi.

She is one of the very few down to earth players whom I know personally. She is a dedicated player who has already seen many hiccups in her career both due to injuries and the infamous politics. I met her in Delhi way back in 2006, while I was doing my M.tech and she was undergoing training to participate in the SAP games representing Indian team. The team won a gold medal later. This time round she is once again going to wear the Indian jerkin in the women kabaddi world cup. I wish her and the team India all the very best.

Indeed she is the very special player of my life of all the sports persons I admire. I’m so proud to say that I know her for years now, almost fourteen years. I still remember the small girl who used to practice along with us for the school central zone competitions. Now, it takes no time for my eyes to get wet remembering those days.

I’m so thankful to her parents, coaches and everyone who encouraged her to become what she is today and eventually bringing this joyful time for me as well.

Once again I wish her and Indian team all the very best.

PS: My regular readers may get a taste of her achievements if you have read one of my recent posts on my school trip. You can find more about her here (sorry, only Telugu version available).


Diana said...

I remember you talking about her Prams and your mother. They sound like two awesome ladies. Good Luck to her in her bright future!
Love Di ♥

KParthasarathi said...

Good luck and best wishes to your friend

Jack said...


Read 3 posts. I agree with both Take Homes. Indian win was really amazing. Best of luck to your friend. I hope and pray that she returns with Gold.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

All the best to her and the indian kabaddi team .. also the indian hockey team has qualified for the olympics ..

THe problem is cricket is one sport that steals the limelight out of every other sport ..