Mar 31, 2012

The loss…

The loss you don’t understand till you experience the loss is the loss you never want to lose again. But some losses are unavoidable despite of considerable efforts. Life has the final say.

Mar 30, 2012

Depth of the problem… Take Home #120

Often it’s not the problem itself but the depth of the problem that we imagine stops us from showing fearless face.

Life clock… Take Home #119

Everyone is born to work but not all are born to work for any organization! And this is the factor that stops people from stepping the extra mile when no self advantage seen of it.

Damn it! Wish this factor never existed! Life clock of everyone tics even at work and that would have been a real great time too, for everyone.

Questioning… Take Home #118

Rather than the answers one should know more on how to question.

Mar 24, 2012

Kahaani… It is Balan’s, yet again!

What Vidya Balan has started taking in her diet is what fame enthusiasts might have started researching upon. Extremely popular she has become these days that I along with many admire the whole scene as the major part of it includes her talent as an actress. After the sizzling performance in her last year’s film which will be remembered as one of the best dirty pictures of all the time in Indian cinema, she has made a point yet again in her new bee, Kahaani.

I watched the movie more than a fortnight back. I loved the plot a lot that I was deliberate on jumping on my laptop and dancing my fingers on the key pad immediately after watching the film. But I just took a while and thought how long would the same zeal persists in me. After almost three weeks, even today as I write this, I feel so fresh with the vibes that were created by the plot.

I have been using the word ‘plot’. I wanted to highlight this to you just in case you missed on noting it down from the above lines. I would rate Balan’s action next to the plot and the direction. Sujoy Ghosh, the proud co-producer and the director of the movie has fantastically done his job. Vidya has performed the role, or I would say she lived the life of a heavily pregnant woman with ease, of course not beyond the expectations though.

More than anything else the way the screenplay talk about the life in Kolkata was first of it’s kind in the recent scenario as the on going trend suggests the shooting around Mumbai has been the Bollywood directors cup of tea. Metro incident has of course raised some resistance towards telecasting the scene of the murder attempt on Vidya, but the way the characterization of the character, who tries to kill her, till that scene brings no unexpected surprise to the audience.

Suspense was the integral part of the movie but I would say there was no element as such that horrifies the audience. A special and unexplainable thrill comes to the mind towards the end when she, the pregnant woman, comes back after the scene that shows that she has almost lost the battle. After the revelation of the intension of her from her past, the flash back in other words, I felt that this kind of story is first of its kind in the recent days. I didn’t get any clues of watching similar plot earlier.

Well done director. Well done Vidya. She has proved it once again why she wholly deserves the attention that she has been getting these months. From a bold performer to a sensible actress, from ‘The dirty picture’ to the ‘Kahaani’, she has evolved as an actress, as an human being, as a celebrity who carries and enjoys the attention with complete heart.

The credit goes to the direction, no doubts, but the good time is of Balan’s yet again. Unless Kareena kapoor shows some heroine-isam and rest of the year see another great female performers of Bollywood, it may once again be the same face that will receive the awards in next year functions. I think Balan will have to start keeping space in the shelf next to the awards souvenirs that she has bagged this year.

Mar 16, 2012

Sachin 10(0)dulkar

For the world along with me his hundredth century was awaited to get the feel of witnessing a man making century centuries in his career, the only man on earth so far to do so. Apart from this, I had another reason too. Funny, but it was to do this post with the title I mentioned above. I decided on the title long time back, some years back when Tendulkar was a man in form with his centuries. But then I didn’t post it because I wanted to wait and see how much cricket this man still got in him. But not even for a second I thought this title would be helpful for me when he makes his century centuries. The thought of century centuries itself was out of my imagination. Today, this man has achieved it. He has made it reality which was even out reach for a dream not just for me but for many as too. I hope people agree on this.

Had he done it in Australia I would have said he has achieved it with ease. But ‘Bangladesh’ makes this big occasion relatively small. At the same time the long wait itself has spoiled the joy and there is no doubt in it as Tendulkar himself celebrated it subdue.

Whatever may be the situations in which the final milestone is reached without the dedicated effort in the previous run it’s never called a milestone.

Tendulkar deserves applauds, heartful applauds, from everyone. For his effort, dedication, pressure handling capability etc. By the way, I’m well aware of the fact that the man about whom I’m writing this post does not require any introduction. He is a brand himself.

Congratulations Sachin Tendulkar…!

I’m posting this before the on going match is completed. Seeing the present play it’s in the favor of the hosts. If India wins its a team effort. Batsmen played well. But if they lose it, I think the blame will be put on the slow run rate with which Sachin batted as he reached his hundred.

Anyway, he has won enough matches for India. India has lost many matches when Sachin made centuries, why just Tendulkar, for that matter many centuries of many players gone in vain. Just that Tendulkar has played for long time his name is on top even in this list.

Once again, Congratulations Tendulkar…! Proud of you!

Mar 15, 2012

Winning habit… Take Home #117

Getting used to the habit of looking at the strategies of the opponent and not the opponent makes one get used to the winning habit.

Appreciation note… Take Home #116

You need not always be sure of the intention with which the appreciation note is written. As long as you take the appreciation for improving the fighting spirit towards the target, you are on right track. And the very moment an appreciation makes you get away from the focus, it’s nothing wrong with the appreciation note, rather it’s you who have ruined your own show.

Appreciation, in any form, by anyone, with any intention, can always be used for a good push; it’s up to the receiver who either makes or breaks his own attempt for a win.

Mar 13, 2012

Movie: Pan Singh Tomar – A thoughtful Biopic!

Before writing this post I thought of checking more information about Mr. Pan Singh Tomar, the person about whom the plot of this movie introduces the audience to. What it was shown at the end of the movie is right! Many non-cricketers who represented India have been ignored by the Indian government despite enjoying the international medals they had brought for the country. Not just that, my search on him in google has confirmed it that the web library does not have the traces of a person existed on this name, despite his heroics in his sporting career.

The screen play of the movie has been succeeded in convincing the audience on why he had to choose the path he did choose which eventually would be the reason to be killed by police. Opting to become a sports person to enjoy good food, running his heartout to win the medals for his country have been depicted both with funny and sincere touch. Accepting his superior’s orders of not participating in war on behalf of India, the opportunity every soldier look and wait for, has been acted by Imran Khan, the person in the leading role, in a touching and thoughtful way.

As anyone rarely minds despite of him repeatedly mentioning that he had run for India, along with it the situations, probe him to become a dacoit, rebel as per him. ‘What else he could have done’ would be the question that knocks the thinking door of every audience. Imran khan, being the so called not-a-big actor of the Bollywood, has acted it with ease. Make up could have been taken cared more. I must say that the English subtitles have saved me from the highly unexpected Hindi slang that was used in the movie. However, to be frank, subtitles half kill the emotions! I don’t think anyone loves it.

I remember my dad saying that the people who excel in sports field often excel in many other fields. Making this true, the strategies of the Pan Singh Tomar being a dacoit get succeeded until his very last breath. He says in a dialogue to his mates not to believe anyone else except their respective teammates. At that very moment when it is delivered it satisfies us but after witnessing how his own teammate backstabs him and his gang, the question of believing one’s own teammates pops up at least once for every audience. That’s thoughtful and at the same time an eye-opener for all those who believe in their teammate blindly, just because both of then have been working for the same aim. Aim may be the same but the intentions could be different and intensions may change time to time!

At the end of the movie it was shown in writing that couple of the players who represented India on international stage have died penniless. Now that definitely spoils the day but makes us think on the attention that non-cricketers deserve! Nothing against cricketers and no reason to be so too! Just that the truth of ignoring players just because their game is not popular among the audience does not make sense as a medal is a medal, win is a win and loss is a loss be it cricket or any other game.

I truly hope more of such biopic stories come up and hit us to think further. Such movies deserve attention which ensures the encouragement for the directors, producers and actors as well.

Mar 8, 2012

Be a woman of your own choice!

No choice is given to be born as a baby boy or a baby girl. Adulthood is inevitable unless death prevails. And then it is true to its core that not everyone would be given the chance to be a man or a woman of their own choice.

As I’m writing this on a women’s day let me just speak about the woman, the highly sensitive yet highly tested soul on earth.

To be a woman of her choice all she needs is a man or the society who cares her for what she is, who accepts her for what she is, and of course who let her live the way she wants to. Its not easy either for the man or for the society to provide her every chance every time, be it because of anything, such as family reasons, personal reasons etc. At least, not all women get the opportunity to live the way they want to. And by the way, none can say that those who do get the opportunity are satisfied with it.

Whatever, all women out there, I wish you a happy women’s day and of course a simple message that I would like to send across.

Be a woman of your own choice! If not possible every time, make it possible at maximum situations as much as you can and live as best as you can.

I can not explain all the traits of women here. On this special occasion I will like to take one and explain. Read on.

Women, by nature ask for more. Some need more love. Some need more money. Some need more fame. Some need more beauty. Some need more health. Some need more happiness. Does not matter how much do they have as on date. They need more. Or I must say we need more. And we often get it with the burning wish. We ultimately achieve it as the wish prevails. Still at least hair-width dissatisfaction does occupy our thoughts thinking how it could have been further bettered. Well, natural things and thinking can not be changed to full extent. We always need more. No regrets in saying so.

Mar 7, 2012

I was in love, once again…

In case of any expectations on the 'love' I mentioned in the title is to be between human beings, I’m sure I’ll disappoint you with the content below.

Straight to the point, yesterday, once again I fell in love with my all time hearty game, Chess.

Having been known as a die-hard fan of cricket I often confuse people and myself as well when I say I love chess the most. A simple way of saying how much I love it is, you wake me up anytime and I’ll be ready to play chess if you want to, be it with anyone. I suppose this is the love towards the game. And what I have towards cricket? I’m damn sure that I’m just crazy about it and never fell in love with it except for very few moments and that too when India won or when some other team won it after an inspiring fight back.

I said it in my earlier posts and I repeat I was first introduced to the game by my dad. He was also the first one to defeat me, first one to lose against me, first one to draw the game with me. Every time I win a trophy I know he must be feeling proud of me. This is the same reason why I make sure that this news reaches to my dad without fail, most of the times through mom and sometimes I myself convey it.

Coming to the reason why I loved it particularly yesterday will follow in next lines. On the eve of women’s day there have been various games conducted in Tata Motors, the organization I work. I’ve participated in Chess and I’ve won the championship for this year. Further to this, most exciting news is that it had been exactly two years I played the game before these competitions. Last time I touched the board was on the eve of women’s day 2010. Still I could be through despite the tough competition.

I loved it. I loved the feeling. I loved the applauds. I loved the game once again to the fullest.

I’ve been winning Chess competitions many a times but I was never presented with such a beautiful trophy that I was handed over this time round. Its shown below. My hearty thanks to the organizing committee. I thank everyone who provided me the moral support.

Mar 3, 2012

Let the world think the way it does! … Take Home #115

Let the world think the way it does. You, in particular, never derate yourself. Amidst all the abnormalities people who have come out with flying colors had always been the best favorites of their own soles.

Mar 2, 2012

Ultimate Satisfaction… Take Home #114

Irrespective of the result, be it success or failure, being determined is the most important thing. Supporting the determined gives the ultimate satisfaction.

Mar 1, 2012

Opponent on his toes… Take Home #113

Keeping the opponent all the time on his toes satisfies us more than a visiting win!