Mar 8, 2012

Be a woman of your own choice!

No choice is given to be born as a baby boy or a baby girl. Adulthood is inevitable unless death prevails. And then it is true to its core that not everyone would be given the chance to be a man or a woman of their own choice.

As I’m writing this on a women’s day let me just speak about the woman, the highly sensitive yet highly tested soul on earth.

To be a woman of her choice all she needs is a man or the society who cares her for what she is, who accepts her for what she is, and of course who let her live the way she wants to. Its not easy either for the man or for the society to provide her every chance every time, be it because of anything, such as family reasons, personal reasons etc. At least, not all women get the opportunity to live the way they want to. And by the way, none can say that those who do get the opportunity are satisfied with it.

Whatever, all women out there, I wish you a happy women’s day and of course a simple message that I would like to send across.

Be a woman of your own choice! If not possible every time, make it possible at maximum situations as much as you can and live as best as you can.

I can not explain all the traits of women here. On this special occasion I will like to take one and explain. Read on.

Women, by nature ask for more. Some need more love. Some need more money. Some need more fame. Some need more beauty. Some need more health. Some need more happiness. Does not matter how much do they have as on date. They need more. Or I must say we need more. And we often get it with the burning wish. We ultimately achieve it as the wish prevails. Still at least hair-width dissatisfaction does occupy our thoughts thinking how it could have been further bettered. Well, natural things and thinking can not be changed to full extent. We always need more. No regrets in saying so.


Rachit said...

I love the new look of your blog... and yeah women have several faces.. all caring and loving .. happy women day :)

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deeps said...

be a person of your choice :P

Jyoti Mishra said...

lovely tribute !!
and I too liked the new look :)

Jack said...


Rightly said be a woman of your choice or in other words Be Yourself without compromising for the sake of acceptance.

Take care