Mar 24, 2012

Kahaani… It is Balan’s, yet again!

What Vidya Balan has started taking in her diet is what fame enthusiasts might have started researching upon. Extremely popular she has become these days that I along with many admire the whole scene as the major part of it includes her talent as an actress. After the sizzling performance in her last year’s film which will be remembered as one of the best dirty pictures of all the time in Indian cinema, she has made a point yet again in her new bee, Kahaani.

I watched the movie more than a fortnight back. I loved the plot a lot that I was deliberate on jumping on my laptop and dancing my fingers on the key pad immediately after watching the film. But I just took a while and thought how long would the same zeal persists in me. After almost three weeks, even today as I write this, I feel so fresh with the vibes that were created by the plot.

I have been using the word ‘plot’. I wanted to highlight this to you just in case you missed on noting it down from the above lines. I would rate Balan’s action next to the plot and the direction. Sujoy Ghosh, the proud co-producer and the director of the movie has fantastically done his job. Vidya has performed the role, or I would say she lived the life of a heavily pregnant woman with ease, of course not beyond the expectations though.

More than anything else the way the screenplay talk about the life in Kolkata was first of it’s kind in the recent scenario as the on going trend suggests the shooting around Mumbai has been the Bollywood directors cup of tea. Metro incident has of course raised some resistance towards telecasting the scene of the murder attempt on Vidya, but the way the characterization of the character, who tries to kill her, till that scene brings no unexpected surprise to the audience.

Suspense was the integral part of the movie but I would say there was no element as such that horrifies the audience. A special and unexplainable thrill comes to the mind towards the end when she, the pregnant woman, comes back after the scene that shows that she has almost lost the battle. After the revelation of the intension of her from her past, the flash back in other words, I felt that this kind of story is first of its kind in the recent days. I didn’t get any clues of watching similar plot earlier.

Well done director. Well done Vidya. She has proved it once again why she wholly deserves the attention that she has been getting these months. From a bold performer to a sensible actress, from ‘The dirty picture’ to the ‘Kahaani’, she has evolved as an actress, as an human being, as a celebrity who carries and enjoys the attention with complete heart.

The credit goes to the direction, no doubts, but the good time is of Balan’s yet again. Unless Kareena kapoor shows some heroine-isam and rest of the year see another great female performers of Bollywood, it may once again be the same face that will receive the awards in next year functions. I think Balan will have to start keeping space in the shelf next to the awards souvenirs that she has bagged this year.


Pria Rao said...

I too liked kahani.. Need to watch dirty picture.. I missed it

Sunakshi said...

I'm surprised to see you are updating your blog.
I wonder why i am not receiving updates from it?
Kahani is one epic movie. :)

Jack said...


You have made me interested to see this movie, though I hardly see any these days.

Take care

Rachit said...

agree with you.. Kahani needs a firm appreciation of all boolywood lovers :)

Weakest LINK

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Haven't watched it yet but heard lots of good things about the movie. What I like most about Vidya Balan is that she is not content with doing the typical mundane stuff. She wants to do something that is meaningful to herself and to the society. A look at the roles she has done tells us how she has made us reflect and rethink on many issues affecting today's society. She does it with grace, class and integrity.

We need more actresses like Vidya in every film industry!

Bikramjit said...

finally i watched it all, and must say it was a good movie to watch. although i saw it in bits and pieces.

I hope we get more such lovely movies ..
THe best part i liked was no useless songs running around the trees ..


Yamini Meduri said...

Was planning to watch Kahaani tonight...but after reading your post..the plan is all set :)

Andy David said...

I've not seen the movie & this actress is not familiar to me (I don't get to see many Indian films). Good review though. Thanks for sharing.

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