Mar 13, 2012

Movie: Pan Singh Tomar – A thoughtful Biopic!

Before writing this post I thought of checking more information about Mr. Pan Singh Tomar, the person about whom the plot of this movie introduces the audience to. What it was shown at the end of the movie is right! Many non-cricketers who represented India have been ignored by the Indian government despite enjoying the international medals they had brought for the country. Not just that, my search on him in google has confirmed it that the web library does not have the traces of a person existed on this name, despite his heroics in his sporting career.

The screen play of the movie has been succeeded in convincing the audience on why he had to choose the path he did choose which eventually would be the reason to be killed by police. Opting to become a sports person to enjoy good food, running his heartout to win the medals for his country have been depicted both with funny and sincere touch. Accepting his superior’s orders of not participating in war on behalf of India, the opportunity every soldier look and wait for, has been acted by Imran Khan, the person in the leading role, in a touching and thoughtful way.

As anyone rarely minds despite of him repeatedly mentioning that he had run for India, along with it the situations, probe him to become a dacoit, rebel as per him. ‘What else he could have done’ would be the question that knocks the thinking door of every audience. Imran khan, being the so called not-a-big actor of the Bollywood, has acted it with ease. Make up could have been taken cared more. I must say that the English subtitles have saved me from the highly unexpected Hindi slang that was used in the movie. However, to be frank, subtitles half kill the emotions! I don’t think anyone loves it.

I remember my dad saying that the people who excel in sports field often excel in many other fields. Making this true, the strategies of the Pan Singh Tomar being a dacoit get succeeded until his very last breath. He says in a dialogue to his mates not to believe anyone else except their respective teammates. At that very moment when it is delivered it satisfies us but after witnessing how his own teammate backstabs him and his gang, the question of believing one’s own teammates pops up at least once for every audience. That’s thoughtful and at the same time an eye-opener for all those who believe in their teammate blindly, just because both of then have been working for the same aim. Aim may be the same but the intentions could be different and intensions may change time to time!

At the end of the movie it was shown in writing that couple of the players who represented India on international stage have died penniless. Now that definitely spoils the day but makes us think on the attention that non-cricketers deserve! Nothing against cricketers and no reason to be so too! Just that the truth of ignoring players just because their game is not popular among the audience does not make sense as a medal is a medal, win is a win and loss is a loss be it cricket or any other game.

I truly hope more of such biopic stories come up and hit us to think further. Such movies deserve attention which ensures the encouragement for the directors, producers and actors as well.


Jack said...


Rightly said. We need to give due recognition to all sportsmen.

Take care

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this movie but your post put it in the right perspective and I really found it well presented. Thanks. And yes, so many sportsmen who have worked hard, put their hearts and souls into the passion have lost and died without being recognized.