Apr 25, 2012

Age and middle-class life, no more factors for owning a mobile!

Gone are the days when middle class parents used to think twice before taking mobile phones for themselves. If it was required that their son or daughter to have the mobiles, they used to prefer buying one for their children instead of taking it for themselves. That was the story of the newly become old decade, the first years of the very first decade of the twenty first century.

Age used to be the factor as if it was about ringing the marriage bells. School age and then the early college age were the major factors both for children and parents. For the children, having mobile phone at that age used to be a dream come true. For parents, it used to be nothing less than a nightmare.

How fast things have changed in the twenty first century sometimes makes me go back to the Hollywood movie, ‘2012’. It appears as if we are in the phase of enjoying whatever we want and soon the collapse follow. But anyway, there are lots of more chances still awaiting humans to grab and destroy themselves before the nature destroys them. If you want a mobile, you will get it within a time in which Chris Gayle makes his ton. Just enter the main road, select the mobile model and it will be all yours of course after paying for the same. And if you want a sim card you will get it within a time in which Usain Bolt completes a lap of four hundred meters. Just enter the corner of the road and the sim is yours, for free at times too.

Now-a-days, from a high school student to an engineering graduate we see hardly any difference in the passion for owning a mobile phone for themselves. Playing games to browsing uncommon websites, all activities are learnt in less than the time what it takes to buy a mobile phone. Children are so used to the menu patterns that they change the profiles in their parents’ mobiles such that it would embrace them the next time mobile rings. More over, middle-class-ness could no longer affect the take rate of mobile in the concerned families. Parents have two mobiles, each having one, and the children will have the even newer model.

I’m not sure if every parent thinks before buying it for his/her kid. What the adverse effects the mobile usage at earlier ages, pre teenage days, especially on the psychological growth is what deserves some due research! Awareness among parents is important of the distracted concentration levels of their children which would eventually cause the lower score in the exams. Getting addicted to the mobile phones and becoming sick of them are another threats that the young generation is fantastically playing with.

Let the middle class life be no factor. After all it should not be a factor in need. But the age factor needs to be understood by every parent. Sophisticated lives of these days have made parents’ job pretty much different and difficult to that of the earlier days. Though children become upset with their parents decision of not buying them a mobile, for parents its worth forgetting, ignoring and moving ahead dreaming of the success of their children in the years to come.


Jack said...


Mobiles have become almost a necessity these days as it allows one to keep in touch with concerned persons at all times. Children should be afforded all facilities for their well being at age as appropriate and their understanding of responsibilities also.

Take care

Nina said...

I completely agree with Jack, I don't like the fact that my children have a mobile phone, but if it helps keeping them safe then the SVC Tracfone I bought them is well worth it. The SVC is designed for the elderly, but that makes it easier for the kids to use, and the emergency locator is a definite must have.

Nina said...

I completely agree with Jack, I don't like the fact that my children have a mobile phone, but if it helps keeping them safe, then its well worth it! I bought my children the SVC Tracfone, and because it is designed for the elderly, it is great for younger kids, because its easy, and the emergency locator is a must!