Apr 15, 2012

Another Sunday Evening…!

If there is any evening that can get me is the most killing and all famous ‘Sunday evening’. It makes me dizzy to the core. The very thought of going back to routine the next day morning spoils the whole day’s dazzling party. And the rest is done by the boring repeated thoughts of the upcoming week.

Back in school days it used to be either some damn assignment on Monday or the powerful homework which would, at some or the other point of time, bring laziness to the toughest of the tough students.

When it was the intermediate stage, Sunday morning used to be the time we would be done with the never wanted weekend tests. Sunday evening used to be either off from study hours or a movie in open theater, it has to be named that way. If you have or not some things you have got to satisfy yourself by giving ordinary things the names of what you want to have.

B.tech Sunday night used to be even more hell as the whole day used to be the heavenly trip. They say it right, fun and sorrow follow each other though they are opposite mannered twins.

IIT was the one place when in my entire student career I could get five day week. Note it down, IIT was also the only place where a holiday was not a holiday and a working day would be a day better than a holiday. It used be all with students, so free we were that either make or break, it was us who could do it to ourselves.

In contrary to many, I’ve a different opinion on Sunday evening of my work life. Especially when I was a fresher I used to be even more enthusiastic to go back on stage and perform. With that I’m not ruling out the chances of being the same lately. I feel, of course not my best, but yes, of the better moods on Sunday evenings. I’ve been waiting and wanting all my life the work life, and I can’t afford uneasiness just because I have to face the Monday morning.

As always, I’m looking forward for an eventful week ahead. Have a good week friends.

PS: Pictures are just for fun please!

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