Apr 22, 2012

Book: I too had a love story

Author: Ravinder Singh

Probably, this is the only book so far to have the mark of my tear drop on one of its last pages.

Since it was claimed to be the true story I decided before reading the book to just look into the characters and go on. I loved the ‘dedication’ page and the two Hindi lines written in it.

How love starts off is unknown till date. Internet meetings often have tied couples in deep love. The story is about one of such tied. But there are many factors linked to such love stories. One, both of them should like each others' looks, which is the prominently known prerequisite though not all express it. The sweetness in the magic of the other person’s voice and words fuel it up further. The family back grounds etc would anyway be there as the later rituals. In this case, the couple is lucky enough to cross all these so called factors so early in their love life. Once you have the support of your family, love appears even more beautiful.

One of the sweetest punishments given to a boy by his girl friend is what I’ve come across in this book. The boy says her sorry in complete length of a call on mobile having had hurt her. She consoles him back but he ends up asking for a punishment. She asks him to join back the long queue at the ATM which he left minutes before while talking to her. After he joins the queue she asks him to give her five fullest kisses on the phone. I don’t think I would ever do it if I’m asked to. Forger that, I would never ask for it first of all. She is not crazy; she is not naughty; she is just lovely at the moment. The boy in the story does it as he feels it as the most important thing to do ignoring all the meaningful looks of people around him. So lovely he is too! But I started laughing after reading the next line saying that after all the kissing scene is successfully done and as the boy recovers back to the crowd, one of the boy’s neighbors has been astonishingly looking at him. Now i know what it means to be madly in love with.

I’m sure not every boy can kneel-down before his would-be mother in law and admit a mistake which was never his but of his girl friend’s, to protect her from her mother’s anger. Now this definitely isn’t the mad love, instead a matured one.

Unexpected things fill life. As one of such turns out to be the sheer unfortunate the twist in the tale envisages. Girl meeting with a life threatening accident just hours before her engagement sinks the boy deep under the ocean of sorrow. And that wasn’t all what happened in this case, she died later. He says he could not even kiss her dead hand as he was away at the moment.

Marriage gives you license to express tears after losing your better half. But the relationship, with no formal engagement, only allows you to cry aloud, within. All the senseless indication of fingers towards you in murmuring as the would-be of the died, further betters the situation for you to cry even louder under the shower.

Life after all that is not easy. No point to be sexy at all. Always killing and haunting. The memories of past which come up themselves at times give you no room on the gigantic earth to sit and settle back. The memories which come up after seeing the other kissing couple hand in hand on roads, in parks, on beaches, further makes you feel as if you are in deep dug man hole of life. I stop it here since only the experience, in this case, can help express better.

It was 2 am in the morning when the tears rolled down my cheeks. Now let me consume few lines on the writer. An amateur writer welcomes you to the story. He describes her questions as innocent ones but I didn’t feel it as it is with the way they were written. Towards the end, I could see a sudden shift in the intensity of writing and emotions. And the way the emotions were there towards the end of the story could have done the same to any emotional writer.

A good read all in all. A good one to opt if you are feeling like missing tears. One line from the last pages caught me: “I remember how she used to tell me that, after our marriage, we would put a success story on website. I never knew I would be writing a tragedy”.

I wish the boy all the strength to come back to life.


Saumya said...

Hii pramoda...I too have read the book...it's a beautiful story with a tragic end....enough to leave you in tears :(...i read it long time back.....your post reminded me of it's intricacies...

Jack said...


Nice book reviews, both.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

the last few lines made me cry and sad .. Some true stories hit you so hard..

Will try to get hold of this one and have a look for sure ..

life is very unexpected sometimes things just dont work as you want them to work .. inspite of all your best try's


Pria Rao said...

uhh i liketragedy endings sometimes :-) have to go for this book..

deeps said...

Not read this one yet… seems to be worth the time….
And you got a fine briefing of the same here…
(plse change my blog url in your list, i got a new one now)

Rià said...

Interesting review...even though I m not a fan of sappy love stories.

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