Apr 13, 2012

B.tech days are the best… #1

Nostalgia comes to me usually at nights as the fresh breeze brings back my beautiful memories. Of all, the ones that are close to my heart are from my B.tech days.

I still remember the newness I felt as I entered the campus on the very first day. Those ragging days with little chance of escape have made me learn some best lessons for my life. The mid term exams used to appear as if they had come the very next day of the starting day of the semester. And the final exam results were the most awaited.

Beach trips,

Bunking classes,

Movie travels,

Greeting card shopping,

Night time plays,

Wrong-call attending,

Mess time gossips,

Syllabus book studying,

After-exam celebrations,

Walk-men hearing,

Exam-morning silence,

Mid night Maggies,

Afternoon sleep,

Placement pressure,

Project time pass,

Internet chit chat,

Farewell-time photographs,

Last day meeting in lawns,

etc have been the life for those four years! If started explaining about everything it might be long at one go. I will try to capture the aroma of those days in bits and pieces in my upcoming posts. Hope you would enjoy it.

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Rachit said...

miss those days :) feeling nostalgic

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