Apr 4, 2012

Coolest cricket in the hottest summer…

The more I want to stay away from watching any cricket tournament the more I feel attracted by the campaigning. Next to that, as all I need to do is to press three numbers on my TV remote, I feel some what ‘why not’! There starts the journey. As long as the teams I support win I feel refreshed. As long as the tough games go on I feel inspired. But the moment it gets into one sided matches I feel my hand thousand kilograms to press the remote buttons.

The present scenario of this season IPL is no different. The recent loses of team India turned off all the wishes of watching any cricket matches in recent days to come. But Sachin’s hundred has come in right time or for me in wrong time that I’m back to watching IPL, as always.

So, Chennai super kings vs. Mumbai Indians is going on right now. Tendulkar not on full song but is stricken out there with Richard Levi has just done another welcoming damage to the super kings. Somehow I could never support super kings and the main reason I feel is that their captain. He won so many tournaments for India being the captain that I did not want to go for him once again in IPL too. But they won twice. Deccan was of course my favorite team, home team of course, in the first three seasons but the later shuffling of the team members disappointed me. Even this time round I would not be surprised if I couldn’t show any interest in the Chargers.

Then, whom I’m supporting? Mumbai Indians has been my second choice in first three seasons. In the last season and in the on going one it was and will be my first choice. Not just for Sachin but for Bajji, Malinga, Rohit Sharma and Pollard not to forget. I will watch out for their new captain, Bajji Singh, lift the coveted title.

Whatever, I would like to see a new champion this time. Enough of super kings now! And yeah, enough of Sharukh Khan too! Hope he stays little away from players!

Lastly, I will look out for Virat Kohli for his fantastic continuation, Sourav Ganguly for his re-captaincy, Rahul Dravid for his after-career shots, Michael Clark for his first runs in IPL, Malinga for a double hattrick, Viru for another double if possible, Chris Gayle for his manly hundreds, and of course Irphan Pathan for his handsome play. As always I will watch out for good performances from the uncapped players of India.

Hope we see and enjoy some coolest cricket in the hottest summer.


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Ive not really been in the cricket mood this season.
Nice post! It makes me wanna watch the IPL :)

Siddhesh 'The Ravan' Kabe said...

Silly game. But all the best for whichever team you will eventually end up supporting till the semifinals. :P

Being Pramoda... said...

Harini.. hope u r watching it..;)

Being Pramoda... said...

Thanks Sid..