Apr 21, 2012

Does he/she mean it?

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand if the person we respect or love actually means what he just said about us. Rather than being in the dilemma or losing temper, it would be great if we believe that he means it if it’s a comfortable complement and believe that he does not mean it if it’s worry causing comment.

It’s not only true that all can love; it’s also true that all can not express it the way you want to hear. When you can not hear what you want, it’s worth putting efforts to listen, especially in case of the speaker being your beloved.

Go by this fact; be benefited by opting the benefit of doubt.


deeps said...

in the case of love n care there is benefit of doubt?? ahaa

well, plse note the change in url


Jack said...


While in love one has to understand the language of heart.

Take care

Jenny Lee said...

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