Apr 6, 2012

Gold that doesn’t glitter and more…!

No matter how much a common boy wants his girl friend to be a glittering ruby round the clock, every common bachelor silently wants his would-be-wife to be the gold that doesn’t glitter. At the same time, no matter how much a common girl wants her boy friend to be rocking round the world round the clock with her, every common spinster silently wants her would-be-husband to be doing his office as early as possible and just stay with her and kids wherever or whatever.

Though its equal years of living, age and time brings different feelings to different gender. Be it about their partner-to-be or be it about the life to come, it appears as if they come from different worlds. Years of living among thousands of other gender seem nothing idea giving when it comes to understanding their very own partner. Well, marriage is always about heartbeats and not just about footsteps. Getting together, staying together and living together forever needs lot of commitment to each other along with love.

I wish loads of such love to all the new born or newly made couples. Many of my friends got married these days. The season appeared as if one after the other wicket of the unmarried has been falling down just like the Indian batting order in ‘get Tendulkar get India’ days. Somehow I got the habit of connecting sports especially cricket to all I say but as long as the relation makes some sense its no wrong! I hope I made some sense above other than the fact that the wickets of Indian cricketers were of unhappiness and that of my friends were of happiness.

Once again I wish all the newly married couple a happy married life.

It need not always be the good happenings that make you happy; but always the mutual support makes home the true heaven.


Pranabananda Jena said...

Good one.. with cream at last.. :-)

Jack said...


Wise post with good simile. Marriage is not a T - 20 or one dayer or IPL, it is a long Test Match where Team Spirit makes the day. When is your wicket falling? Looking forward to that.

Take care

Being Pramoda... said...

@Pranabananda Jena


Being Pramoda... said...

Jack uncle.. im eager too..:)am enjoying the spinsterhood.. :)