Apr 7, 2012

I wish my throat had ears and a small heart too!

Yummy! No?

After eating all kinds of such yummy food that can cause cold, and as the moment of facing the symptoms of sour throat comes, the only thing I feel like doing is to see into the air and promising myself that I would not eat such food anymore for some days. Kind of just save me for one last time types. I wonder why when the memory of past days could get erased the food that we had taken could not be! How blissful it would be if all the unfavorable food that we take could be just ignored as if we ate nothing unpleasant.

While the big bowl-full of food can not stop the next day’s killing hunger why should those Gulaab Jamoons still be the reason for the running nose? How come the chocolate cake still can make it to the loose nose? No answers and only questions in this context as the answer to all questions lead to one finding, that’s the worst habit of being unable to control the wish to eat.

Every time I feel like eating some sweets or chocolates in flu season, my lovely mind comes up with the brilliant recollection of the words of my doctor. He told me that I needed to improve on not avoiding but on eating all such food. I should build the resistance power by making body use to it and still could be able to get through. His words have worked for me as a tonic to go and reach the food I want to eat. Exercising, another suggestion from him, has given me some more freedom to rub my palms and go for cold causing food.

I felt like sharing this here because many might think the way I used to think about avoiding sweets etc. Reach them and do every possible exercise to protect yourselves. Try to have strong mind with thoughts that make you believe that you can fight it out even in any worst case. Avoiding food is never a solution.

Lastly, I have one wish. My dear throat, hang on for this time. I wish it had ears and a small heart too.


Jack said...


I did not know Gulab Jamuns or Chocolate cake can cause cold leading to running nose. It was only ice creams or cold drinks which had this distinction. Yes, we have to make our system get immune to these and if one eats more then it is best to sweat it out.

Take care

kaykuala said...

That's right, Pramoda! Just because it's sweet it is considered bad. I avoid chocolates but recently I read it's good for the heart. What ever it is, less intake of food has to be balanced with the designated exercise!


Being Pramoda... said...

It actually depends on one's body uncle..

someppl catch cold with sweets (sugar only) like me :(

Being Pramoda... said...


hey.. yeah.. balanced exercise is the best habit to have.