Apr 21, 2012

Making the mark, in win, in loss…

Despite the considerable efforts, at times we end up knocking the failure door. Certain circumstances or competition make us helpless and probe to do so too. The only thing and the thinking that can get us back to the normalcy of fighting spirit are that ‘it’s just the end of it but it’s not the end of the tries you are going to hit’.

Making the mark is important in a win and it’s doubly important in a loss. Because, the mark you make in a win encourages the next generations, where as the mark you make in a loss probably inspires the generations to come.

Let not the results drive us; let’s drive the results. And when I say result I’m not talking about win or loss, but I’m talking about encouraging and inspiring.

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Jack said...


One should do his or her best and accept the results, win or loss, with grace.

Take care