Apr 1, 2012

Me and my new addiction…

As I look back on what’s been the most happening in my life in the evening times these days apart from the routine, the finding stuns me. It’s neither reading nor writing which I was used to, but the crazy TV serials have captured me with all hands. Somehow I got introduced to them. Now, it’s another big routine to watch them.

I know it’s not a great hobby that I can shout and say to all proudly. But you know what, my relatively positive outlook mind has backed me up with my own reasons in this regard.

In the current scenario of the nuclear families, we hardly find the big heads of the families stay with the rest. Especially in the cities where the couple goes for offices and children go to their schools, it’s next to impossible to find joint families enjoying the flavor of it. Similar to many who miss the joint family treat I too would like to let you know that I love joint families too. As I fail to find them in the neighborhood I think the serials on the joint family story line have attracted me.

At least for an hour or so in a day I feel like a part of a big family. Of course the serial does not give you any work to do in the family business but it gives you the thought process required to get along with the joint families. We watch what is shown but as long as we enjoy it better go with it or rather go for it.

Many, in fact all the serial haters or those who hate serial watchers say with a strong point that serial watching is a big addiction. Yes, it is. But I’m not pretty sure if it is such a bad one to have. May be, the bored husbands, whose number is huge in the town have supported this argument which eventually would have become almost believable if not given a thought.

Whatever, enjoyment in the form of a cricket match, a book, a movie or a serial is no wrong. Everything is fair in love and war! Such a big punch line is not required to support my TV addiction but I’m not ready to accept the argument that it’s a bad habit unless I get convinced.

I usually have very unique reasons for all some of my interests. I watch cricket or sports for the emotions of players. Now, I’ve been watching the TV serials, Hindi ONLY by the way, to learn the Indian national language more. This is just another reason to the one mentioned above. These days my Hindi has been improved is what my friends say about it. In my earlier Hindi speaking days I was commented so funnily that my strong determination set up the target right in front of me. And of course thanks to the Hindi speaking colleagues I have. By the way, I thank them for bearing my language, at times.

Well, this is it on my new addiction. Unless I find a strong reason that convinces me why it’s not a good hobby I’m going to continue doing it, for sure.


Jack said...


Do tell which serials attract you. It is not bad to watch if some serial is worthwhile but most have unbelievable stories as seen by me in bits & pieces.

Take care

KParthasarathi said...

Enjoy so long as importanbt things are not left undone as it often happens.When sports events start and there is a clash of timings between the two, it becomes tough to switch channels frequently!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Jack uncle.. right, unbelievable at times.. :) i stop watching them i i find so..

i watch Colors from 7:30 to 8:30 pm..;)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Partha uncle..

sports events this time, IPL is so boring :(.. so no prbs for this time..