Apr 8, 2012

Money vs. Qualities…

Two types of assets are typically observed. One, the asset that can not be known unless someone says or shows or we get to know of the same by some means, i.e. monetary asset. Two, the asset that can be known by giving some bare time to someone and observing carefully, i.e. the good qualities of a person.

** The former one is occasionally available in abundance with some people, the later comes naturally to some and some earn it by realizations.

** Money goes hand in hand with the income tax cuttings; where as the good qualities go on inducing themselves around.

** The more money you have the more careful you need to be with people. The more good qualities you have the more carefree you can be.

** As money can give you some enjoying trips round the world, good qualities can make people around the world trip you.

And so on…! All in all, qualities win at the end of the day, life.

Does not matter how much educated a person is, once in a while basics of life need to be revised.

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