Apr 27, 2012

More on “disappointing comments”…

Comments are good and bad. Good for getting improved. Bad for becoming conscious of criticism. If taken the way they are supposed to be taken comments lead to a person’s improvement if not in the just next attempt but for sure later. But if they are taken the way either they are not meant or offensive, there starts the consciousness, a good mixture of fear of comments and willingness to avoid mistakes. Fear of comments interrupts a person from giving his best. Where as, the willingness to avoid mistakes establishes a clear cut boarder between the person and his experimenting attitude.

Discouraging comments, by themselves, leave a little scope to a person to be strong. Nevertheless, when a person is strong enough for them he breaks the jinx. The way the discouraging comments are given, they account for a little effort from the person who has received them if at all he would like to encourage himself by just telling himself the opposite of what he is commented with. And disappointing comments not just let the person get confused of what he needs to tell himself to carry on, they also let him enter the dilemma on how he is going to satisfy the commenter next time. One can hardly understand the way forward.

Discouraging comments often disappoint but disappointing comments rarely discourage.

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