Apr 29, 2012

No Dirty Picture(s) on televisions… Way to go?

SONY channel’s incessant advertisement conveying their upcoming telecast of last year’s successful Dirty Picture convinced me enough to remember the time of its telecast. Having been impressed by Vidya Balan in the recent time, I switched over to Sony right on time. But another program was being telecasted. I quickly ran through the upcoming program list in my Tata Sky to check if there was any change in the schedule. I learnt that it would be telecasted at eight in the night. Again, I waited long but nothing happened instead 3 Idiots was being telecasted. That was so disappointing. At the end of the day the only relief I had was that I could watch 3 Idiots without a single break.

Couple of days later I learnt from news that the telecast of The Dirty Picture was put under restriction until 11 pm in the night. Censor board says not just The Dirty Picture but all the movie of its category should not be telecasted. How far will that rule sustain? Won’t filmmakers fight back? Isn’t it too much for such movies?

More than anything, how much will that be advantageous in the internet prone new generation? Open the ‘you tube’ and you can watch everything that need not be watched. DVDs and CDs are variously available all across. Hell lots of web sites are available from where you can download and watch the uncensored full movie. This being the current scenario, what’s the censor board exactly wanting to do? Just making some meaningless buzz to kill time! People who were unaware of the movie and its coming on the TV have been geared up to watch it next time whenever they get chance.

By the way, even the endless telecasting of fashion shows on the Faison TV could not convince the board to let the dirty pictures carry on. Movie makers now have to keep two prints of the movie ready, one made for the theaters and the other one for the small inch displays. The reason they say is the highlight of the whole moment. Since TV is a medium for family to sit together and enjoy, they say they would not be allowing such telecasts on it. The fact is, most houses these days are fixed with two TVs and more over, family sitting together and watching TV appears to be a big joke of the millennium. As and when they find time family outings are mostly preferred these days. Anyway, sitting together and watching such movies or scenes does not spoil more than watching the blue films alone.

I don’t think it’s the way to go. As long as people know what to learn from what no need to restrict them from watching some specific stuff. The rebellious attitude comes out with this and probe people to watch such scenes more, in private. Instead of creating the unnecessary curiosity in the younger generation, better is to opt educating people to understand what needs to be understood.


Jack said...


I agree with you that one who wants to see anything adult can do so without any problems. It is time that censor board thought in progressive way and ban only those scenes which are beyond limits. And to say that Internet should be monitored is another regressive step. Right kind of information and education is a must for growing persons instead of banning adult movies etc.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

I agree with what you have to say .. but the thing is even after the cesnosr board gives a age rating to the movie the theaters where is it being pplayed dont bother to check it out ..