Apr 12, 2012

Not just what makes but what breaks love is not blind too!

Love is blind. It’s a popular saying. Love is not blind. It’s not a popular argument but that’s what I believe in.

Love sounds nothing for those,

Who does not care having one;

Love sounds everything for those,

Who still await their one;

Love sounds pleasant for those

Who have won their one;

Love is beautiful. It keeps encouraging you for a better you. Love appears even amazing when your loved one conveys you his/her love. Love has mastered the hearts for centuries now. Love has captivated and captured the young dreams for generations. Despite the considerable progress in the research in psychological domain, no one as yet has exactly identified what makes a girl and a boy bond with each other. May be, that’s the same reason why it’s still the popular saying that love is blind.

What makes people love? Sticking to the basics, love starts with liking. Liking starts in the heart. A heart that likes external beauty likes a beautiful lady. A heart that likes internal handsomeness likes a handsome heart. And so on. Liking gets converted into love when you can not lose the person and eventually you would want to live with him/her. In the process of spending good time together, the heart that likes external beauty gets aware of the ugly insider of his partner, if applicable. And even more easily the heart that likes handsome heart anyway gets to know the ugly face, if applicable.

Love can see it. Love sees everything. Then why it doesn’t mind? It does not want to mind.

Love sounds bitter for those,

Who have lost their one;

Love sounds irritating for those,

Who are made lose their one;

Love sounds meaningless for those,

Who never want to have one;

Love is unique. The interpretation is different. The ending might be different. Or in some cases the ending might never come. As long as they do not want to mind they get along. But the very moment they start wanting to mind all those once never-minding issues, they start moving apart. That does not mean that they get separated eventually. In most cases, yes, they get separated, might not be openly but at hearts, yes for sure. What broke their love is what they had once seen! Or it might not be the same every time. They may start seeing newly but one can not rule out the possibility of having had anticipated it at least once amidst the good going days.

However, in some other cases, both just get along with each other quite nicely as they understand each other’s world despite of all good or bad happenings. They respect each others’ too. Some times lack of time acts as tonic too! It does not allow them to breath all those separating thoughts. Or they just don’t want to think about all those! Whatever, they stick to each other. They stay for each other. Carrying it long eventually makes a good pair again as time permits, as they start thinking that what had happened with them could have happened with anyone, and would have happened with their parents too. They mingle up and run beautiful life.

Things change. Perspectives change. Love changes too. At the same time the capabilities of maintaining relationships change too. Such capabilities shall be developed with more concentration and interest. Developing such capabilities always makes life more meaningful not just for themselves but for each other too. Accepting the facts as they are and getting along with the same works wonders in a couple’s life.


Chocolate Lover said...

That's so true.. :) <3

Jack said...


Read 2 posts. We can not control nature but can surely predict to some extent what to expect and take appropriate precautions. No one can predict when love will strike him or her but almost all of us do fall in love. When one loves someone he or she does not see the other side of that person. It is only when we live together 7 X 24 that we know our partner truly. That is the time to iron out differences and if it can not be done then it is better to go own ways instead of living a life in misery.

Take care