Apr 30, 2012

Nothing comes for free so as love!

No, I’m not talking about the crazy investments of boy friends in shopping malls, movie theaters or on weekend outings. I prefer to call such money outflow as money invested instead of money spent assuming a marital ending to the pre-marriage love life, excluding all the convincing reasons for the break-up. In the other case, it would obviously be the money spent since there are no returns expected; neither happiness nor love anymore with same partner.

Monetary terms seem play a visiting role in relationships. Monetary needs fit into one of the corners of home rest being dominated by the healthy, habitual and happy kitties.

Nothing comes for free so as love.

Dedication towards the partner being the basic necessity, often costs you time which otherwise you would like to spend doing things of your passion. Commitment towards the partner often costs you freedom of expressing which otherwise you would not afford losing. Togetherness can be built on mutual understanding but staying together might cost you the willingness to carry on with your own life style which might be different from that of your partner. Caring needs a little more consciousness which costs less unless you need to build the never there consciousness.

Everything costs you something so as love!

Nevertheless, some costs appear nothing before the ultimate gains. Love, happiness and peace are the ultimate gains of life. Spending or I must say investing more of yourself into the relationships gives a better shape not just to the relationship itself but to the lives of other people attached with it too.

The way you see is the way it appears.

Some call it compromise. Some name it adjustment. Some believe it love. Whatever, this scenario is nothing different from the philosophy ‘the way you see the way it appears’. Having the convincing reasons is important. Both the people involved must be having the same understanding of the reasons otherwise it would lead to unnecessary and always spoiling assumptions.

Understand the needs of life as well as your own needs. Not all can understand you but you can give a try making the required understand you. It is not hard and fast that every relationship must absorb the above said costs. Some people get accustomed to the needs where as some take time or they can’t at times.

Relationships are built for happy living. There is nothing definite or defined for what does a happy living means. It’s up to the two and that’s the best part of it.


KParthasarathi said...

A different type of post.It is very nicely written bringing out the truth that there is no free lunch in life.Everything has its costs.So long as the money is spent wisely where the return,tangible or intangible, is more in worth than outgo, it is a good investmentBut the bottomline is happy living and loving relationships

Jack said...


A very wise post which if understood by all and followed will lead to less unhappiness in relationships.

Take care

Deeps Paul said...

the last para says it all...

love, you try to define it and you are trying to confine it to that definition...