Apr 14, 2012

Over qualified brand ambassadors!

When Sachin Tendulkar advertises that the secret of his energy is Boost, or when Aishwarya Rai Bachan presents the L’Oreal advertisement, it appears to me they are over qualified to do so.

In his twenty three years of proud career Sachin would have had everything that he could in his diet which would keep up his fitness. But more than anything, his unimaginable self controlled professionalism would have made him what he has been. Aishwarya Rai would have tried every other foreign brand such that she would be able to comb her hair the way she wanted it to be. But the diva, probably the only blessed lady of India with admirable beauty, would have faced the fashioning world with her equally admirable guts. Being the brands themselves, when they come and advertise some other brands, especially the above mentioned ones, somehow I feel the difficulty to accept the add as it is.

PS: No offense please. I just penned down a weird thought.

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Money speaks, isn't it?

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